Your closeness

we are talking of one of the  most feeling we both feeling in this moment of our lives

Tell me

you're the only person i'm tell that, trough this open diary

If ever

Was it this you have tried to tell me?

If those

Tell me what you see in my eyes, because what i see in yours, it's the most beautiful feeling i ever have feel


What which i would like feel is your closeness. I begin to whisper your name. In someway, i know you hear me. I see you look at up to the sky. You hear my 'I wanna be with you'. Something link us. My mind move away from my body to reach to you, and in… Continue reading Now


My connection with you has becoming bigger everyday

Does it will

I feel you so close to me, almost all time. And when i take a look on it, you're there always.