lmcmco_forteStill flowing in my body, since i wrote what you know, and what i feel is your closeness still here. Despite i really dont know where are you now, your presence is strong, here in my bedroom. If i close my eyes and i take a long breath i feel you’re next to me. And what i wrote this night it’s what i really feeling in these days. Something magic has happening between us. I really dont know what is, but something happening. Our connection is stronger than ever, i feel you feel the same vise i have in my stomach. You woke me, sweetly. I felt your sweet embrace, while i was sleeping. Our parallel world was so near ad in your embrace i felt it. Ours souls get  connected eachother so easly in these hours. It was enough a thought and we are close, despite our distance. I really need of you and you know it. That’s why ours minds get closer than ever.
What i’m feeling right now it’s incredible feeling and i know it’s you, close to me, despite you are on the other side of the planet.