Oh, your

mmcluskie_forte155Embrace how it was so sweet this afternoon. I felt it. You was lay next to me and slowly i felt your hands around me. My dancing butterflies began their dance. I’ve closed my eyes many times, and imagined you really next to me. But it was only imagination. But our minds was connect. We were only us, you and me, embraced. In silence. We just only heard to our breathe. And in our silence we entered in our parallel world. Your arms has arounded me, making me feel the only person you have need. ‘You’re’, you whispered me. Oh my, i remained speechless. You’ve hold me tight. I would like to stay in ths way, forever. Your embrace it’s soft, kind, and the most beautful i’ve ever had. Please, we remain in this way for all time. I need it, you need it. I feel it. We need one of another in a such way, we can’t explain it.