Come here

abbraccioAnd look at me. Leave me speechless, breathless. In these hours, if i close my eyes i feel we get together in our new dimension of our parallel world. The new air i felt the other time is again here. I still feel you behind me. And your shirt touch on me my bare back. Leaving me breathless you turns me and now we are in front of eachother. A shy smile. Just a silence that get all our feeling we have for ourselves. Then you take my hand. Always smiling you take it to you and kissing it so kindly.
Then you leave me. For a while you look at me. Then come closer to me and you give me the biggest hug i receveid in all my life. There our souls melting eachother more than ever. And we realize our parallel world is inside of our souls, in our hearts, in our minds and we realize we get connect eachother also we are so far. We are closer in our parallel world.