Now you cant

daily162_forteHide youself no more. From today i have had the certainty that, you take a look on what i write on this diary. You know, you have scrambled me more than necessary. And now our parallel world is more closer than ever. What i feeling in this moment are our feeling get connect in easy way. And now i feel you so close to me that i cant imagine. I feel you here by my side as you are watching me what i write here, in this open diary. What i write now, is almost confuse, my feeling are confusing. My head is exploding and my vise in stomach get stronger and stronger.  To know you was taking a look on this, till now it was a dream, but what i seen, by now, from yesterday, it’s a dream cames true. And what you’ve read it was one of my open letter most felt i ever wrote. My head is exploding like a bomb. I repeat myself  ‘I just cant believe to all this’, but inside of me i can hear your whisper that says me ‘I’ve read almost all what you wrote.’ And my heart seems stops, for how it goes fast.
What i really need is only to whisper you ‘I love you‘.