I smile

mikemccluskie_sommaBecause i feel you close to me in a such way that i really love. I smile and i can see you smile me back. I know you look everything i doing in these hours. You’re in a corner and smile, almost proud of me. I feel you in this way. Our parallel world around us. And it gather all ours emotions we feeling in this moment. I feel you close to me more than ever. I dont want know what you’re doing, because, in someways, i know, your thoughts are towards to me. I know you’re smiling to me. My soul tells me it. And i feeling this emotions around me and i feel inside of this twirl you are in. I need to close my eyes and i can see you. I see your smile, your shy smile. And you know it make me drive crazy. It’s enough you approaching me, caress my face so sweetly and we enter in our parallel world kissing one of another.


In these hours

lukegeorgejin_scuri9-1My thoughts are towards to you, and ask myself if it’s the same for you. In this  bedroom, everything, it seems more magic than usual. Here, where everything has began. Our connection is always more strong, and in these hours, im feeling you so close to me, more than ever, also if you’are on the other side of the planet, your, our connection is more present than before. I looking at your eyes, and i know what are asking yourself. It’s the same question i doing to myself. It’s from two days that i feel you here, by myside. I feel you embracing me so strong, and i feel your whisper. That whisper that beat so strong in my head. Since you’ve told me that, it’s here inside of me. I try to stay with you always. You’re in my heart. My feelings are so strong. And everytime i enter in my bedroom, this one, is like you waiting for me. It’s like our parallel world was here, and here everything i feel for you expanding. And im sure, you feel something similar, wherever you are now. Our connection is strong, you feel it, i feel it. It’s our special bond. And i love to stay in this way. In our own way.


In these


Eyes i lost myself and i could remain to look at them with no bore myself ever.
Also now i feel you so close to me. Your mind has called mine and if  i close my eyes just for a while and i take a deep breath i feel your hand on mine and your glance into mine. That white shirt you have on… i can smell your skin. With no any words you know how drives me crazy. My hand slide in to your shoulder trought your shirt and it slowly falls down over yours arms. We breathless enter in ours parellel world, and there ours glances is the only thing it counts. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands skin to skin. Slowly we melting us. Just  few whispers in which we say us ‘how much we need of us ‘.

Just when i feel you close to me, by my side im feel so in a peaceful place, when i feel you next to me, i feel you do the same. And ours parellel world unites us more than before. And in someways you know it… you feel  it, as i feel. Dont know when and above all how, but one day we meet us eachother and in that moment we will know it has been ours world… just a whisper from me in your ear ‘How i much i need you in this moment… im calling you, do your hear me?’


I’ve just

owen7scuro-1wrote that i didnt feel you close to me and suddendly,  you’re exploded in me, as bomb. Now i can feel you so close and you showed yourself for a second on twitter.
Now i have to realize, for real, there is something it goes beyond among us. And i cant help it. My soul call you now i know you can hear it for sure. Im speechless, breathless. My feelings drives crazy for this thing that has began, almost for to fill my days. Now i know it’s something more than a simple sensantions. I know i have had this kind of feelings since i was a child, but never they show themsleves in a strong way like they doing with you. I just ask myself ‘Do you feel the same?’. What i feeling in this moment is very strong and i think this kind of connection is among two people who does feels the same feeling at the same time. Now i dont flying just with my fantasies, but it’s something more REAL. My head explodes, full of strange questions. I trying to find some realistic answers to calm myself, but i dont find anything that can give me some real peace.
Those feelings i feel right now and you that knocks to my heart, my soul, my head with just your presence, by my side, it does thrills me. I have a just an anwser at many questions with no reply. Ours parellel world existes for real.


The sky


Look up at the sky. Look around you. Look for me. I will be next to you everytime you call me. I will take your hand eveytime you need to feel someone special by your side. Look at me and you get in my eyes which you really need as i do. In me you will find that person everytime you will need to talk with. You will have to call my name and i’ll be close to you. I’m here for you. You just will have to talk about eveything you want and i’m will listen to you. Looking at your eyes, taking your hands. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. But always listening to you. Maybe giving you some advice. Diving myself in your eyes, in your soul, i will see which you really need in this period. Maybe which you looking for is the same i’m lookin for. And our look into eachother would help us to understand it. Maybe we would need of this. Our eyes into ourselves. And everything would be more clear for you about which you feeling in this moment. You just must call my name. I will run to you.
Just look up at the sky. I’m hearing you. I’m run to you. Take me your hand. I’m here. Just for you.