Here you are

mtc033forteAgain close to me, inside of me, inside of my head, and our little connection slowly begins. You look at up to the sky, whispering my name. Sweetly you coming to me, and i feel your hands around my hips. I close my eyes and i feel your scent that make me drive crazy. You turn towards to me and you hug me softly. Your smile me with all your soul. While i look at you i remain breathless. We both have on, our favorite t-shirt. They touch eachother. Our bodies touch on. The lightness of our t-shirt make us enter in our parallel world. I feel your hands on my body, while we dont take off our eyes, one from another. We both are breathless. Our feeling overwhelm us. But our look says us what we would like hear. And we say us all what we feeling in this exact moment. You look at me deeply and whisper me ‘I’d like you was here by my side for real’. Your hands hold my hips, and i feel your sweetness in your embrace. I place my hand on your chest, and trought your soft blue shirt, i feel your bare chest. My heart beat fast, for a second it stops. Our delicate touches makes explodes our lights around us. We embrace us tight and we remain so, to watch their floating dance. Our bodies lay, one close to another, while we caress us softly, and ocasionally we look at us one in another, smiling and giving us some soft kisses.