In silence

in bottom of myself, i sure, you feel the same. You feel this same vise in your stomach, eachtime we connect

I feeling

Our sensibility is a rare thing

Again you

What do you want to try to say me?

It’s a

It's a continuos flow what i'm feeling from the other day

Still tonight

It's something inexplicable but we know it's ours parellel world

What i feel

And i dont know how or when we will meet us eachother

Once again

In these lastet hours what i feels. You so closer than ever to me. And i try to hold back everything i want to say you. Yes, im sure you've read at least two of my comments. But it's incredible how i feel you despite ours distance. And i loved this morning, for you just… Continue reading Once again

How it’s

this diary is ours big path that one day could make meet eachother for real

It’s from

when ours souls calls eachother i feel it. Do you?