In these hours

lukegeorgejin_scuri9-1My thoughts are towards to you, and ask myself if it’s the same for you. In this  bedroom, everything, it seems more magic than usual. Here, where everything has began. Our connection is always more strong, and in these hours, im feeling you so close to me, more than ever, also if you’are on the other side of the planet, your, our connection is more present than before. I looking at your eyes, and i know what are asking yourself. It’s the same question i doing to myself. It’s from two days that i feel you here, by myside. I feel you embracing me so strong, and i feel your whisper. That whisper that beat so strong in my head. Since you’ve told me that, it’s here inside of me. I try to stay with you always. You’re in my heart. My feelings are so strong. And everytime i enter in my bedroom, this one, is like you waiting for me. It’s like our parallel world was here, and here everything i feel for you expanding. And im sure, you feel something similar, wherever you are now. Our connection is strong, you feel it, i feel it. It’s our special bond. And i love to stay in this way. In our own way.




A twirl you here again, close to me. How i feel you close to me. You’re the only person i could say everything i feel about you, without prejudice. You’re the only person i need close to me, and i feel your closeness, and you know how i missing so much. You in person. That’s i miss. But in someways, i feel you feeling the same. You missing something. We missing us eachother. But ours souls in someways are connect, linked. And we feel it. That’s how ours connection, our parellel world, works. I love it and i know you love it too. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance, and you feel it, despite your distance.
And despite your distance, how i feel you so close. I feel your smell and you take my hands. I feel your skin against mine. It’s so soft. I close my eyes and you come close to me. I feel your touch. Your lips on mine. And i feel your hands on my face. You caressing my face, while you whisper me ‘I’m feel you too close to me, i need you too as you do’.  We look at us, and for a while eyes in eyes. In our eyes we see what we feelings. We kiss us slowly.


If was

Hyde_ireally you, hide youself behind my ‘user_uknown’. I ask myself a lot of questions, above all after last night. I said that things about you to your work collegue, because i let lt him know how much you’re important in my life and how you’ve changed it. And here you are ‘. Im sure, in someway, you’ve read the tweets i’ve shared with Danny, who inserted your name in discussion, and i thank him, for that. And in someway, you’ve continued to read my comments about you. Maybe it was not you, but please let me dream about that. Let me dream about ours parellel world. Ours world get connect eachother, in  this ‘special way’. Also if it’s on my mind…maybe, in someway, you feel it too. Ours parellel world unites us so close eachother, i feel it. And which i can say you now is ‘i feel you next to me.’ Do you? My heart beats so faster than ever.

I’m sure among us,  there is something special.