Stockholm, SwedenMy dancing butterflies began to dance their own dance from a while. And my thoughts are just for you. And i dont know where are you, but in someways i know you’re here by my side. You looking at me and what im doing. Maybe what im doing it doesnt matter, but to whom im thinking. I’m thinking to you, with all myself. And im sure you doing the same. Ours souls are get connecting themselves undicontionally. And in this way we enter in ours parellel world. Your smile is the first thing about you i see. And i remain speechless. You take me to you, and you take my face in your hands. Slowly and gently, you touch on my face. I dive myself in your glance and with no words i touch on your face, your skin mole. Slowly i go down and touch on your lips. Here we no need to talk. Ours emotions talks for us. We need just to whispers what we feelings for eachother. And these feelings says everything. We need just to touch us to know what we want to hear from eachother. A moment, ours glances in themselves and just your whisper, so light. You  left me breathless. ‘I love you so much’.