Here i’m

broken89_forte-2You are by my side. I feeling you here. If i close my eyes, i see you next to me. Our connection is strong. You calling me and i feeling you. I cant do anything else if no to wrtiting here, what i feel. And i know you feel the same, wherever you are. Our parallel world welcome us. And what we feel now is so stronger. I closing my eyes and i feel you embracing me from behind. You whisper me ‘dont you  to turn’, but i want. i want to see you eyes, you are here from me, only for me. and i feel it. I did leave what i did to come to you. You did called me, almost screaming. Ours flow begans. I feel you so close to me. I close my eyes and i feel you taking my hand to your heart. I feel  your lips kissing my neck Breathless i closing my eyes and slowly i turn round. Your closeness is almost tangibile. I want to caress your face. I want to say you how much you’re important in my life in this period of my life. Maybe you know it, maybe you reading these few line i write each day. Your presence, here right now, yes, i feel it. Like me, you feeling my connection with you.
Oh my right now, i feel you here. It were two days, i didnt feel you like now. Like a bomb in my heart, in my  soul. I must to take a long and deep breath to dont remain breathless. I feel your eyes on me. What do you see? What do you feel? I feel my vise in the stomach, my dancing butterflies begins their own dance. I feel you and me together in our parallel world
When i feel your closeness. as i’ve told you, i must leave what i’m doing to stay with you, also only mentally. Does it will reach the day we could stay together, also only embraced us? I want to think you feeling the same. Ours emotions are bigger than other things and when we feel us, in this way, we stay together beyond than physically… and what we feeling we cant explain it. It’s beyond every explanations we could give.