You arrive

And you embrace me soflty, i close my eyes taking a deep breath i feel your scent in the air, and when i open my eyes we are in front one of another. I dive myself in your eyes touching your face. Without realizing, we approach till to remain face to face and, as in a little whisper i ask you ‘Do you know, how much i need you, in this moment of my life?’ You sweetly caress my face. We didnt take off our eyes one from another, neither for a second and in your reply our parallel world explode, our souls meet, our hearts make comes out our lights around, and your deep voice thrills me. ‘I need you more than you can imagine’.  And you start to tell me that, when i’ve have dreamt you and what you have told me in of it, aint been a case. Each time you’ve put your like on each comment i left on you blog or in twitter, you knew who was i’m and more or less you did rembember who i was. Without add further words,  i blush myself. Speechless. Listening to what you’ve said to me, my hearts is began to beats like a crazy, and my only desire was to caress your face, diving myself more and more in your eyes and make you lay by my side, letting you embrace me tight, and i hold your arms around me, for to dont make you escape. Now we know our parallel world does exists.