You are here

And smile me, as if it was the most normal thing of this world and i feel your smile wraps me. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath and in some ways you're here by my side. I feel you more than ever. More the days pass, more i feel our parallel world get… Continue reading You are here

You are here

My head exploding like a bomb, when our parallel world unites us


Looking at me, in this way. With your eyes, your glance on me, and a whisper fly in the air 'Tell me how is began all that'. I remain without words. I look at you. You are here, sat in this chair next to me. And your eyes stare at me. I close my eyes,… Continue reading You…

Aint strange

It's inexplicable, it's just ours

Always you are

i say myself 'take a long breath', but as always you leave meĀ  speechless. Once again you did it