Most likely

tangleforte0011What i feeling in this moment, you’re feeling the same too. It’s the same sensation i have felt in these days, and in the air i can feel your scent, it makes me drives me crazy. I can feel your scent, despite our distance. In these days my feeling are running as trains. And what i feeling is your embrace is more strong, and what im writing is becoming more easier, because in some ways, im sure our parallel world connecting us, one to another, and by now, this open diary is the only pathway that we can us run, to meet us at half, in the middle of our world. We feel us so close, one to another. By now my vise in stomach and my head are fighting a fight that they cant win. Tonight i dont need to close my eyes, but i must take the deep breath, because it’s necessary, with you, next to me, that you hold me tight my hips from behind, and i feel you face on my shoulder, looking at on what im writing. My feeling are so deep, and you know it, by now. Sometimes my fingers shaking on this keyboard. Sometimes my thoughts runs so fast that i cant reach them. And i stop myself, feeling you that whisper me and i feel your embrace so passionate, at that point, yes, that i must close my eyes and all what i feel it transform itself, in all we have felt one for another, and you turn me, and with the most sweet way, you look at me, and tenderly you approach yourself to kiss me. And in that kiss we dissapear.


From behind

Slowly and sweetly you arrive and move my hair to whisper ‘I’m here’. I close my eyes while you say me that, and you turn me, and for the first time we are in front one of another. You have on that  black shirt, i place my hand on it and you whisper me ‘Why did you take so long?’ Yes, it true i’ve felt you all day close to me, as if you need me so much, as if it was happened something. My feelings has overwhelm me in such way. It wasnt never happened before. I’ve felt my vise explode in me, my head has explode. I have had to close my eyes for whole time to calm me down. But now im here and you’re front of me  caressing my face. Our flows gets bigger and bigger eachday. And eachday it’s something a like  new sensation for me. I never felt similar feeling before than these, with you. Eachday our connect is stronger than day past days. I look at you and in your eyes i see that you have had feel the same. Without say me nothing, you’ve tell me you had the same feeling. We look at us eachother. Our parallel world is growing fast, and what we can do is follow what our emotions is saying, one to another. Slowly we approach, one to another. Our hands on our face, looking at the most closest thing to our soul. Our eyes.  Slowly, i  touch on your neo. You mentioning me a shy smile, letting me do it, and slowly we kiss us so sweetly.
Our parallel world is becoming, slowly our real world.


That’s how


I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in another, our parallel world, begins to be our reality. You look at me, while we talk. While you ask me some questions about me, i see your hand on mine, and some tears falls down from my face. For the first time i realizing that’s happening for real. You looking at me, you take my hand, and our world it’s like always we  imagined it. Our mind were always been connected, since last december, And what which we felt it was real. My emotions overwhelm me. You didn’t taking off eye on me. Your eyes says me everything i want to know. You hold me tight my hand. Our fingers cross. For a while we look at our hands and right after we look at us one in another. ‘I’ve waited for long time, this moment’ you say me, taking my face and you  approaching to me, your skin touch mine. It’s so soft. A moment suspended. Our glances says us what which we feel, then so slowly, you begin touch on my lips and sweetly that touch it transforms in a kiss. And slowly we dissappear in our lights.


Again you

smile_forteNext to me, in this bedroom. Yes i feeling you. You by my side. Inside of me. I can hear your breath if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands that caressing mine. I see your glance just for me. Your eyes in mine. Your smile hugs my soul and i let you  do it. Here where it has began all that. Ours connection.
I feel your soul close to me. What do you want to try to say me? I can see your lips move themselves, but right now we are so far from eachother. I just see your smile to me. My heart beats so fast like yours.
I need to enter with you in ours parallel world. We just need close ours eyes and take a deep breath. I feel you have something to say me. I will waiting for the right time. I feel it. Like the other things you said me. I love this magic thing we have among us. Despite we never met us, til now, ours connection is the most magic feeling we have and im sure you feel the same i feeling in this moment.


I love

134ForteWhen you give me the possibility to tell you something i never told to anyone, but i’m able to say just to you. It’s such a intimate thing that i can do just with you. Also i know you’re so far from me. But it’s like you was by my side, and you ask me something more about my life. Like you was with me, maybe while we looking at that sunset sitting in a bench and you take my hand and you hold it tight on your leg, while i continue to talk to you. And you look at me with your wonderful eyes. Your eyes in mine. For a while, i blush myself. Your whisper to me ‘Please dont do it. I want to know everything about your life’. Ours eyes meets eachother. Breathless, we enter in ours parallel world. Your whisper opens the gates of this magic world, and there, we close ours eyes and we take a long breath and we close them at the same time. And you can see  my whole life. What i had face to reach where i’m now. Just next to you. Suddendly, i can hear your heart beats so faster like a crazy one. ‘Dont go on’ you say me, taking my face. In front of me, you kneel and you take my hands. Looking at me, what you can do is to give me a tender kiss. Eyes in eyes. A long sigh. ‘I love you’ you whisper me’.


You & me

Aurores boréales - Norvège

I just need to look at you and i feeling good. You make me smile with nothing. Your eyes has the rainbow inside and i can see it when you smile to me. Just which i feel standing by your side is a wonderful sensation and it’s just magic. I look at you and i get in our parellel world with you. And just which we feel is just our kind of love that we just feel for eachother. A kind of love that opens ours minds, our heart in another level of connection. While we get connect ourselves, we feel ours souls meltin themselves and which we feel our heartbeats becoming so faster. I see my soul into yours, your heart into mine. And i can smell your skin. Your hands on my body. You touch on my legs scars with your fingers. I remain breathless. ‘Let me see your eyes’ i whisper. So slowly look up at me and take my hand to your chest. Your heart seems explodes inside of you. A whisper ‘I get what you’ve face up to’.  I caress your face saying any words, just a tear falls from my face.  Your finger on my face. Then you hold me tight and we stay in this way. Embraced eachother. No other word.

How’s been

So intimate last night. Never felt something like that with you. I seen the heaven’s door, you in me  and i felt our peak get higher than ever.
Then you post that. I still shaking my head. We desire same thing at the same time. Something ‘dirty’. And see what did our connection? I felt pleasure to imagine you inside of me. We need eachother so much. Without realizing we need eachother so badly. I need to look at you, i need to touch on your skin trought that silky shirt, and you need of me to change.
We need of eachother. We feel eachother in our souls. I toward myself to you. Take my hand, and see which you need it’s inside of me, inside of my heart, my eyes that need to dive themselves in your. And listen which my heart whispers. Listen which i say to you. And you will get we are made to stay together, embraced. And together we can realize everything we want. Together. You and me.