You’re came

alymangfortedEarlier today, maybe you have dont have anything important to do and you have just look at up at the sky and you have just whispered my name amnd i just felt you entered inside of me with a twirl of emotions. Just heard the need to close my eyes and also with music i see you in front of me smiling with your glance. I closing my eyes for a while and i feel you taking my hands. And i hear your breath. I open my eyes and your always there in in front of me. Now you taking my face in your hands, looking at my eyes with your wonderful glance. I remain speechless. Your hands so soft on my face. With nothing you making me blush. We remain here in front of us eachother. You caressing my face with your hands and whispering sweet words. And your touch makes me flight together in ours parellel world. I just needed of it, just in right moment. You know always when i need of you and you come to me. ‘How i much i love you’ i say looking at your eyes, caressing your face. I smiling at you as you do to me.