Tell me

joe_deboleWhat which you feeling in this moment, ’cause what which i feeling right now is one thing more bigger than me. And it overwhelm me. I cant hold back my tears. Our lights are around us, while we are in front one of another, we look at us without say nothing. What which we need is only ┬áto touch our skin, look at us, diving in our glances and hear our voices whispering all our desires. I need to stay a while in front of you, without dont do no moves. I need only to slide my hand into you white shirt and feel your heart beat get faster, and looking at your eyes, what which you feel. Your eyes speaks to me. I see your desire growing up. Slowly, that white shirt, falls down over your arms, and always more slowly, falls down on the floor. In that rustle, we enter in our parallel world, while our light still dancing between us. We remain breathless for what which we feel at the same time, despite our distance. I’m sure, this a way with which we communicate our feelings.
And i’m sure, in your deepest soul, you have the same feel. Right now i thinking about you.

Aint a case, what which you wrote in your lastest tweet, in someway, in different way, i’ve passed it too. To write is a beautiful expression. I think, the most beautiful one. And if i think, you’re passing, or already you’ve passed, that which i’ve passed, i cant believe it. If i close my eyes, i can see you here, next to me taking my hand, smiling at me as you do usually, leaving me breathless, while you approaching to me to kiss me softly.