If you could see what i’ve inside of me, you would see a stormy sea. My feelings fighting. And  i really dont know how i can calms them. And only with you i can express freely what i’ve inside. It’ seems impossible but it is so. Only with you i can open myself in a way i never did before. I try to explain what i feel to the other people, but they seems says me ‘yes’, only to make me happy, and to change speech.
Instead with you is so more easy. Maybe because we are living the same situations. You feel the same feelings i feel, and not only we are ‘living our parallel world’, but because we are beyond. Yes, our parallel world has something with it, but i still dont know how, but isnt an inventeted thing by me. I would stay here to write to you each thing i feel about you and other things, but from last december, as you know, something link us strongly. And i dont know how it has could happened, but it is so.
When i begin to write here, in this open diary i’ve dedicated you, and i hope you may read it one day, i can feel only myself. I can let free my feelings comes out. As i’ve told you, I prefer to write you, to leave my thoughts, during the night. My mind runs free with my feelings and nobody cant see me if i let free, for real my feelings, and some tears falls down from my face.
Yes, sometimes, i think i’m  super sensitive, but i cant anything about it. But i know you understand me.
When i feel you close to me, it’s because you feel the same, and it’s a unexplicable thing, but it is so. Our parallel world is here, we can just only to find out it. But we know that there is it


I began

longjoh15forteTo feel your closeness, and i have had need to begin to write you, here, where all my feelings and emotions can comes out freely. I began to feel your smell in the air. I just closed my eyes and  the only imagine i have had in my mind, was this one. I love this your smell, it takes me with you on a pirate ship  and our journey is to ours parallel world. I feel you so close to me, in this moment, i dont need to close my eyes. I feel your closeness despite your distance. What you wrote is always in my mind and, nobody cant remove me the idea, that what you wrote was, in part, directed to me, also if was just undiconditionally. What you wrote, your emotions, are the same i feeling, when i feel you close to me. And now you’re here. I can see you, in front of me. Your glance in my eyes and your hands taking my face. Just few whispers flying in the air. My eyes into yours and you smiling shyly. We are in our parallel world and here we can say us everything. I whisper you ‘How much i need you’. You whisper me ‘ How much i would like to stay with you’. What we feeling in this moment, despite our distance is one of the most greatest feel we felt til now.


I feeling

dwd_fortedYou in a way i never felt anybody else. In these hours your closeness is so almost tangible, and now i know what you wanted say me. You tried it again, but it was too for you. What i felt it, were yours deepest feelings and now i gettin what you tried to say me. Now i know, closing my eyes and taking a long breath, ours distance is just ours real obstacle, and ours parellel world is a real thing and isnt just in my mind, we communicate trought it. And what i feel when i feel you so close to me is just what you feel in that right moment. I breathless, realize all that. And what you tried to said me in these hours, now i can see it. What i felt in these days, in these hours, it was a big feelings, and i just cant believe what i seen few hours ago. Now i look at yours eyes and i see your tranquillity, and i see you next to me, you taking my hand, looking at me with your wonderful glance. And in air, we see ours lights melting eachother, as ours glances.
Eyes in eyes. What we feelings right now is just ours freedom to love us. Love us trought ours parellel world, til the day we waiting for it. The day ours eyes meets eachother and with all  of ours wonder, we will dont say anything, but we will take a look at us, and slowly we approach us and we will take ours faces in ours hands and slowly we will kiss us.