I’m here

austin_sommai7To write you again. What were been my sensations, my feelings. And you are here in front of me, with this glance, where i can lost myself.
I felt you was next to me, when i was on the couch. I felt you took my hand in yours. I felt your warm hug. I, also, imagined to stay embraced¬† together. But i knew it wasnt real.¬† But what i felt seemed so real. And now, right here, you around me. In your eyes i see, i feel something magic. I feel our parallel world becoming something real.¬† You in front of me. You sweetly smiling at me. What we see around us are ours lights melting. I cant leave my eyes on you. Breathless, i put my my hand on your chest, and slowly you begin to kiss me in every part till to reach my lips, while i slide my hands into the shirt and in that exact moment my heart exploding, and what you see is a moltitude of colors, becoming a rainbow. Your lips touch me sweetly. For a second we remain eyes in eyes, without do further things. ‘We remain in this way’ someone of us say to the other one. Without add anything, we remain so enchanted for what we see and for what we feeling.