“What we

london56_forteHave seen, it left us literally without the breath. We both did know the meaning of these stones on my legs, also if we ask ourselves, if we really, did know how interpretate them. Yes, we were able to do that. Without talk, we made us a lot of questions on what we have have seen, what the stones wanted to say us.
We were there, and that sound, resounded still in the room.
Something of magic was happened, and we were remained breathless and speechless. Our eyes were wide open, staring at these pink stones.
At the end, i whispered you ‘Take my hands, i’m shaking’. You, right after, have holded them tight. ‘You know, what has happened?’ you have ask me, you have said me. ‘I’m afraid, yes!’
We both, didnt wanted explain it to us. There wasnt need.
You still stared the stones on my legs, and ocassionally, you was looked at me.
At the end you have summarized in three words the meaning of the stones. ‘Journey, union, protection…’
These little words, resounded like an infinite echo. I was stunned of them, and i was sure, you was too.
I have closed my eyes, as for to reflect. I didnt know, if you did the same, but something inside of me, it said me yes. You had closed your eyes at the same time of mine.
After this moment of reflection, i have looked at you, and i asked you, as if  nothing were happen, ‘Luke, do you have a beer for me, i really need of it’, looking at you still scrambled.
‘Sure! You know, i really need of it, me too, i go and go back, dont move yourself!’
You have said me that, for to tranquilize me a little. Sure, after what was happened, i really didnt wanted move myself.
Also, because, i had still the three stones on.
 my legs


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