You are

longjohn_contrario_moltiplikcaWondering also you, how is it possible, all this connect among us. I’m looking at you. You’re surprise as much as me, about our connect. I feel you close to me more than before. I feel your heart beat fast and your mind running trough our emotions, and i feel it. What im feeling, besides your a lot of thoughts, is our flows that come and goes trough our parallel world, and despite our distance, we feel this special bond that link us one of another. Here, in my bedroom, i feel you by my side. And im sure, wherever you are, you feel the same feeling. This sense of inner freedom, and this sense to belong to something only ours. And all this it’s our parallel world. And this feeling is began that night in december.  And eachtime it link us in this way, it leaves me breathless, it overwhelm me. And from the moment i’ve replied in that way on twitter, im sure you are making yourself a while of questions. I ask myself these questions from long time, and i still i havent found an answer that satisfy me. The only answer i really need, to all these questions, is you, our connect and for me, it enough. Knowing, that we are link in this way, for me it’s the only answer i need to know.  For me it enough.


Your glance

boogaloo_forte0041It’s so. But if you knew what you have make me feel in these hours, i believe, it would be different. Maybe it would be more intense of this one,  that i’ve choose, to describe what i’m feeling, since i’ve seen you’ve tweeted. In some ways i should be used be to. But each time it happens, i remain breathless and today it has been the same. Since when i woke up my thoughts were towards to you. It was like if you was close to me, whispering me that something it would be happens. And it’s happened. And now i cant only think it was a coincidence. Too many coincidences has happened among us. And i want dont think it was only a destiny game. You look at me in this way, into my eyes. You saying me more. I feel it. My emotions, makes me thrills, like a leaf. And i can write what im feeling in this way. And you saying me, in your own way what i know already, and i which i  wanted another certainty, i got it. In an absurd way, we are connect I dont know how neither for which reason. But our parallel world, doesnt exists only in our minds, but it arounds us and it embrace us tight.


Imagination or…

john_scuri93What i’m feeling is the same you feel right now. Or for real is there something it link us, and you still dont know what is, or we know it, but we still we wont admmited it. What is happening between us is something of incredible. We neither are aware of it, but we know it does real exists. Maybe also you have that strange feeling and you dont know that is our connection, that is our parallel world, but you are aware that there is something you cant explain it. I know what is, just because i’m feel this bond coming from you. I knew it since that dream i’ve had, and you told me that what you’ve tell me. I see your glance, it’s like mine. A while lost, and what you think is  ‘to whom i say it?’. You can say it to me, because i feeling the same you feel. I feeling lost, but when i feeling in this way, my mind, my toughts, and each part of me is towards to you. And that’s i really want in this moment of my life. And who i’ve met?  You.  You are aware to give me that emotions i really need. You are able to talk to me, despite our distance and above all you dont really know me. But something of magic had wanted unites us in this wonderful world that’s just ours parallel world. A world made of sensations, feelings and above all of our sensibility, and i believe is this that unites us strongly. Our sensibility is our strenght, our own love.


This time


There arent words to describe what i’m feeling. There was you tried to say me something from two days…and here you are. Take me as crazy, a little witch, a girl who see the future, but you are like me. Our parellel world does exists for real. Our connection and everything what concern it. Our feelings. My feelings when i feel you close to me. And now i look at you i cant hold back tears from my face. My feelings are exploding and you’re here in front of me. I speechless, breathless. I must take a long and deep breath to do not drive crazy. This time you are succeeding. I’m looking around me and all i feel is your presence close to me. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance like a crazies, and you are here looking at me with these eyes. Slowly im realizing all what has happened.  If i stop myself and think to all that, i cant hold back some tears.
I waited something from you from two days, but i just cant believed it does materialized in this way.
From now and then when i will feel when you try say me something, i’ll prepare myself.
Ours parellel world has becoming ours real world faster.


In these hours


How i feel you by my side, despite i really dont know where you are. But i’m drive crazy, cause i feel you next to me. It’s from yesterday that i must to stop whatever i do, to write in this my open diary, at a different time i usually write to you. Describing what i feeling  isnt easy. Yes, they are the same feelings i feel when i feel you close to me, but right now, they are more bigger and i know you feel the same. Ours connection make it bigger and bigger. I told you, something it has happening among us, i feel it, you feel it. My heart beats faster, im sure also yours beats like a crazy one. I dont know what has happening, but something  really soon will happens. For the excitment, i bite my lips and i smile, thinking to you.  Im sure, my 6th sense, says me, in these hours you had take a look at this open diary. I feel it, and i ever didnt hardly wrong. We are so close. Ours parellel world is here. I know it, you know it too. We know it. What you must to know about me is in this open diary. I’m sure you’ve read that post where i was talk about myself. And you felt something. You try to say something me from the other day. You know i’m here for you, wherever you are and whatever you do. You know what you must to do. I will feel you.


Once again

basssheppard_scuriIn these lastet hours what i feels. You so closer than ever to me. And i try to hold back everything i want to say you. Yes, im sure you’ve read at least two of my comments. But it’s incredible how i feel you despite ours distance. And i loved this morning, for you just evening. I start my day, talking to you. It was like you was there, you was waiting for me and it was like you wanted to continue the talk of yesterday. I’ve imagined you next to me while i did breakfast. I loved that. Maybe one day it will be like this. But what i feel in this moment it’s very stronger and i know you feel the same, but you dont know it does where comes from. I tell you it where does come from. It comes from ours parellel world. It’s ours connection. I feel my dancing butterflies dances their own dance like a crazy. And i’m sure you feel the same. Ours connection is making stronger and stronger. And im sure when it will comes the time to meet us eachother, it will be like a liberation. And finally what we feels for eachother it will explained so well that it will no needs further words. But just ours eyes in eyes and few whispers. Maybe neither those.