While i sigh

hyde41_lumascuriDo you know what i think? What i’m dream? I dream one day, you will let me know, what which you feel it’s the same i’m feeling in this moment. Every moment that we have get connected. As right now. I look at you and i close my eyes. My heart exploding. In the air  i smell your profume.  I feel you behind me. I feel your shirt touching my back, and i see your arms embracing me. I need to take a long and deep breath to dont remain breathless. Your whisper ‘I’m here’ leave me speechless. You turn. In a moment we are in front one of another. In your eyes explodes our parallel world and everyhthing around us disappears. We remain just us. Our lights arounds us and what which it makes us feel alive are ours feelings. I slide my hand in your shirt, and what i feel, is your soft skin and your heart beat. We remain in this way. Your eyes in mine, my eyes in yours. We dont moves us. Without speaking, we say us all.
Our minds get connect in this way.  My mind seems comes out from my body, for to reaches to you.
Since our connection is began, this sensation, pervades me, and i cant explain it, but it is so.
Only the day, we will meet, if ever it will happens, it will calms down.