How much

marloweforte053I would like to embrace you, at least once time, and not the contrary. Your embrace that i still continue to feel, from three day consecutively. Your embrace so sweet so permanent. We are in connection, in such way, that in some ways it’s like as if you are here by my side. I feel your heart  beat so fast. Mine does the same, here, on other side of the planet. I feel you are feel my thoughts are towards to you. And in some ways, also there, where you are now, my name has jumped out. I know it and you know it too. Our parallel world makes us feel closer, more than we could imagine. And what i feel in this moment, it’s something that it goes beyond other reasonable doubt. Something unites us so in a thin, but so deep form. What we feel in our stomach and in our head, is only our connection. That’s enough that one of us, whispers the name of the other and suddenly, we are scrambled by millions of feelings that, we still dont cant explain, but it’s so. Since seven months, we have unconditionally, this connection, a strong connection that bond us, one of another, and we cant do nothing, just accept it and living it so. I, here and you on other side of the planet.


You by

jacketmicheal_fortelMy side, and it’s incredible today how i feel you so close to me. I must to start to write what i felt if not i became crazy… it was like a blow in my stomach. I know it’s a strange feeling but i know that’s ours feeling. Ours minds, but above all are ours souls getting connect eachother and like crazy we enter in ours parellel world. If i didnt began to write here i did believe to become crazy. How i feel you so close to me. I close my eyes and i feel your soul, your heart beats likes mine. So faster and i can feel you so close me at point to to feel your breath on my skin. Oh my. I close my eyes and i see you next to me. Your hand on my leg and i take it with mine. Your soft skin. ‘Your skin’ i whisper you. Your glance is so languid and it says just one thing:’I need your lips, kiss me’. For a while my glance is into yours, but right after you come closer to me and  begin to taste so slowly my lips, and i melt myself. Your kiss is one of the most sexiest and sweetest kiss you gave me till now. You kissing me yet. Breathless, my heart explodes inside. My feelings drives me crazy. You drive me crazy. Still kissing me, i touch your face so slowly and i understand, ours souls melting eachother in the sweetest way, becoming one soul. What feeling i feel in this moment. One of the strongest i felt till now. From ours connection has began, i’m sure you feel the same, whatever you doing. I’m sure you stopped yourself to think to me. You looked at up the sky and you whispered my name, and i felt you.

That’s how’it works ours connection.