bs141_forteI arrive here, there is always, something makes me smile and my thoughts are towards to you, more than usual. And now what i feeling is simply amplified. I have felt you close to me already from before, when i was in tv. But now i feel your closeness making itself more bigger. I close my eyes and i can feel your embrace getting sweetly more strong. My head is get connecting with yours. my stomach is fighting. And kaboom! We are entering in our parallel world. We, in front, one to another. You are looking at me,  and smiling me. And i dont know what to do. Slowly you approach me, and start to caress my face. All around us seems marvellous. We dont take off our eyes one from another. And despite our distance we are here close one to another. I can feel your hands, trough my t-shirt, and it thrills me so, to remain breathless. Slowly you place your hands on my hips. You want me lift in the air, then, you want make me slide on your body. This your little game, makes me feel the most beloved girl in the world, despite my physical problems. When start to make me slide on your body, my heart begins to explodes inside. Face to face, we kiss us sweetly. We dont stops to kiss us, while you kindly, lays me on the floor. And there, for real,  we feel us close, one to another, in a such way that we cant imagine.


This time

luke0031_forteHere i am. I have feel your sweet embrace when i woke myself and now i feeling you here by my side, while im writing these few lines, here in my open diary.  I didnt surprised myself, when something inside of me, said me to check your favorite social and you was here. Inside me, something it has calms me down. But now it has began to overwhelm me, once again. And i’m here that i write what are my feelings. Our connect is stronger despite i dont know where are you. My vise in my stomach saying me, you feel something like this inside of you. Despite our distance, i feeling your whisper, your long breath, as if you was here in this bedroom.
All this is our parallel world and it say us, in its own way, that it wants unites us more than ever.
I feeling it, you feeling. Our minds hear it. By now, we are link in a way that also we dont explain one to another. I feel your closeness more than ever. We, together, are exceeded that border and always together, we are living these emotions. We are living in our parallel world, all this as if it was the first time, but we know it isnt. We are link since when i did that dream when you have said me all what we know.


From yesterday

I smell a new a fresh profume in the air. And i know it’s you. I dont know how, but i know that’s it. In the air  i see the color white and i know it comes from you. Yeah, i know it’s strange. But it which i feel comes from you. Maybe a new changes. Really dont know. But that thing i feel get connect myself closer to you than ever. Feeling myself in your heart, as you, i dont know what is. But at the end you can imagine. Just close your eyes and who do you see? Me. And i see you. There. Our look meet ourselves. The white color is around us. The new fresh air mix up our souls,  in this new dimension of our parallel world. Ask eachtother ‘Is a new level of our connection?’. I’m confuse as you do. I close my eyes and as you do i see all white. Do we must purifiying ourselves? From what?
You take my hand and together, walk trought this white path. We still dont know what we could see, but we have no fear. We are together. And always together we goes on.
You look at me with your wonderful eyes. The air is always more cristalline. Sometime we are breathless. We dont know what we will see to the end. But we do like it so much. With no any fear we goes on. Hand in hand. Stop yourself, and a whisper. ‘I love you’ then you kiss me. Suddenly in front of us, a waterfall. You look at me metioning a smile, take my hand and say ‘Come on!’. And together dive ourselves in that water. And we know suddenly, it’s our pure love.
A new dimension of our parallel world.


I…Me and myself


I woud like to write something different about my feeling, but it’s so hard to me if you look at me in this way. I try.

Talk about myself?   Maybe really you dont know about me. Maybe you know about me just as the girl who fallen in love with you and you know about me as the girl who everyday thank you for everything you gave me. And that’s real.

However here i’m.

I consider myself a daydreamer and i think that if you believe in something with all your strenght to the end, you get it. And it was which happened among us. I’ve seen ‘something special’ in you, and it was real special.

Since i was born i had physical problems, especially with legs. Maybe you get my closiness to your Long John. Since i was born i had legs operations. So many to be a child of just a few months of life. I have many scars, to be a woman. Maybe that’s why i locked myself up in my bedroom and i dream about you.  Loving eachother with no shame.

Yes i had a story, but it finished 3 years ago. They were been 13 long years, but the lastest two years it was like we didnt love eachother anymore. So.

Thou I had my own experiences, but when you look foward and your target is so big. What do you do?  You must to think about other thing that you ‘could do’ with any problems. And i have a lot of problems. But surely i didnt ever give up myself. And which i wanted i got it even with  a lot of slowness. But what i got from you it’s that to the end you will reach to get what you want. And always with  slowness i think i’m reaching to you, And i feel you have something more than other people. I feel it inside of me.  And i’m sure you got something among us. Morever i’m sure you’re a sensitive person like me. What feel i hear everytime when you’re ‘close to me’ (online or tweeting), it’s very  strong. Maybe you think i’m a foolish girl, maybe not. Who knows.

With what i had in my life, my only way to express myself it was and it is, write. I love to write since i was a child. I express much better my feelings trought a pencil or a keyboard as im doing right now than with my voice. I have also problems with my voice since i was born. What girl! Yes too many problems… such problems!

My love to write is intuitive.

As you know, i also wrote a vampire novel. I did love write it. I spent nights and nights to write it on notebook. It’s a handwriting novel. Three big notebooks. My only regret it’s still ‘there‘, in my desktop drawer. Never thought to send it to a publisher. Maybe one day, or maybe it will remain there close in forever.

But the most important thing for me, right now is i’ve found you. You give me that ‘right’  push to improve myself everyday. Which i learnt from you it’s very important to me.

And for this and for other things i whisper you just that ‘thank’ i say, i think everyday, everynight when we are so close eachother, when we get connected in our parellel world.



Your  Daria

As me

zbooee1you look at the sky, looking for my light as me looking for your. As me i need you, i feel you need to whisper something to me. I’m here im listening to you. But you dont talk. I just hear to your soul. Looking at your wonderful eyes  i feel our connection. Our parellel world get connected  us. My feelings are so stronger than ever. Do you feel  them? I’m sure you do, as i feel you close to me, also you’re so far from me. Everytime i think about you i feel your soul. How much i need to look at you eyes. Listen to your voice. How much i need to touch on your skin. How much i need to say how you’re important to me. Also in a whisper, also just looking at your eyes. I really would to meet you someday. Maybe meet eachother in our parellel world and to know that it was did real existed  since we met the first time. I really would to know that.




Your eyes says me a lot. They say me how much they need me, as mine need them. I could stay for hour to look at them to say anything and my feelings could talks for me. They could say how much i desire you close to me. How much i really need you, my desire to touch on your skin. How much i would love to kiss softly your lips. To hear you whispering me sweet words. while you touch on my neck and kiss it driving me crazy. Your hands on mine, our fingers that intertwines eachother. And our look into eachother. Any words spoken. Breathless. Forehead to forehead and our hands on our faces. Just a little breath. ‘Remain in this way’ someone of us says. Silence. Our mouths come closer than ever our lips touch on eachother. You. Me. Together. Forever in this way. As we desire.



Like two



Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words. Just feel which we have for eachother. This music unites us so tight. And the only thing we can do is embrace us. Skin to skin. Your warm hug. I look at you in your eyes. I remain breathless looking at your mole and your eyes. I would touch on it, but you take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast. We remain without any words to say. Forehead to forehead you whisper me ‘I need you.’ I try to say something but you close my mouth with your finger and then with a kiss. That’s the way i would like you look at me, embrace me and then you would say me ‘Stay in this way forever’.