Again you

smile_forteNext to me, in this bedroom. Yes i feeling you. You by my side. Inside of me. I can hear your breath if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands that caressing mine. I see your glance just for me. Your eyes in mine. Your smile hugs my soul and i let you  do it. Here where it has began all that. Ours connection.
I feel your soul close to me. What do you want to try to say me? I can see your lips move themselves, but right now we are so far from eachother. I just see your smile to me. My heart beats so fast like yours.
I need to enter with you in ours parallel world. We just need close ours eyes and take a deep breath. I feel you have something to say me. I will waiting for the right time. I feel it. Like the other things you said me. I love this magic thing we have among us. Despite we never met us, til now, ours connection is the most magic feeling we have and im sure you feel the same i feeling in this moment.



Stockholm, SwedenMy dancing butterflies began to dance their own dance from a while. And my thoughts are just for you. And i dont know where are you, but in someways i know you’re here by my side. You looking at me and what im doing. Maybe what im doing it doesnt matter, but to whom im thinking. I’m thinking to you, with all myself. And im sure you doing the same. Ours souls are get connecting themselves undicontionally. And in this way we enter in ours parellel world. Your smile is the first thing about you i see. And i remain speechless. You take me to you, and you take my face in your hands. Slowly and gently, you touch on my face. I dive myself in your glance and with no words i touch on your face, your skin mole. Slowly i go down and touch on your lips. Here we no need to talk. Ours emotions talks for us. We need just to whispers what we feelings for eachother. And these feelings says everything. We need just to touch us to know what we want to hear from eachother. A moment, ours glances in themselves and just your whisper, so light. You  left me breathless. ‘I love you so much’.




here, i begin to feel your soul close to me. Still dont know how it does works our connection, but i love think that it’s the same for you. I start to write in this open diary and ours path opens itself to our parellel world. My heart begins to beat a little faster than usually til explodes itself. And im sure, i feel it’s the same over there, wherever you are and whatever you doing. And it begins ours connection. We just close ours eyes for a while. Take a long breath. And when we open ours eyes we are in front of eachother, also we are so far from ourselves. We are in front of new dimension of our parellel world. You turn me on dressed like that. I just need to touch on you and i take flight. My deepest emotions comes out. You standing look at me, mention a smile. Slowly you take my hand to your chest. Saying any words you look at me. Your fingers touch on my face. Just a whisper from you ‘How much i love you. You have no idea’. My heart is like a bomb in me.
Gently i touch your face, and slowly i undress you. You let me do it. Your eyes are into mine. Breathless. Around us so slowly the white color becoming a little rainbow. But it’s still white. Your shirt falls down on the our white path. We need just look at eachother to know how bigger is our love. We need just of this to know how we love eachother. Ours look into ourselves tell us how we much we need and love eachother. Just this and anything else.