It enough

luke.urora4_To close our eyes and take a deep breath to feel close one of another, by now. This sensantion i having from a month, and more i go forward,  get bigger and bigger. By now, it is a continuos flow that comes from you and my mind take it and give back to you. I dont know if you feel it, but it’s  what i feel. It enough a look of you and i feel arounded by your closeness. It’s like a your whisper and you say me ‘Hey, i’m here’ and i follow your recall and in an istant we are in front one of another. While we look at us, suddenly we are catapultated in our parallel world. And there we must take a deep breath to dont remain without oxygen, while we dive ourselve into our glance. Me in your and you in mine. Slowly we take ours faces in our hands, and we hold back, hardly, our emotions. You look at me intensily, i blush a little and i look down on the floor, but then you take my face and we look at us once again, with say no words, but in our glance, we say what we feeling, and what we feeling is the most great, sweet, beautiful feeling we have ever felt. What we feeling, we must see it in our glance we have, one for another.
That’s our love,