Say me

finestraaereo_forteYou have feel the same sensations, i have feel it. I have feel you close to me, you was lay next to me when i woke myself and when i was in the garden, when i was reading the book. And i feeling you also now, in bedroom. When i did realize you’re the only person i really need by side me, and that i dont live in a dream, and all that is the only truth, i have open my eyes. And this open diary is the only tool i have. Maybe we are, really exceeded another level. We feel close one of another more than before. And maybe, our connect is more strong. We feel us also beyond our world. Maybe all that, it’s all true. To be sincere, i must still understand what is happening among us. Our flow are stronger. And i dont know how explain what which i feel, when i feel you close to me. But what which i can say you, when i feel in our parallel world, with you, despite our distance is the most beautiful feeling im living. And the this emotions comes from you. I know, you feel it. And when you look at up to the sky, something says me, you are thinking a little to me.


Just lookin

loaded_fortee7 At you in this way. You know what effect you have on me. I love your sensibility. You shows me it everyday and im still stunning. Maybe we meet us just in ours parellel world but i know what human being you’re. So sweet, able to make me to dont hold back some tears from my face. And with just little gestures you make me understand what wonderful being you’re. I never met a person like you. Maybe we are connect eachother just we have the same level of sensibility and that’s why ours connection is so stronger. Or maybe we will meet us in ours real world, and all i wrote till now it will realizes just in ours glances meets eachother. And we will know already we know just looking at us, and ours parellel world will say it us all we know did know already. We are made for to stay together. And we will looking at us in ours eyes, and with some uncertainty we will take ours hands. Some shyness in ours glance. Buth right then We will know that we didnt meet for a case, but because our connection among us is making so stronger, and that thin rope is just sensibility.

Daria .

Let me be


A dreamer and let me dream about you. Let me to dream about our parellel world and our connection among us. In someways we are linked and maybe we are not aware about our connection for real. But that thin rope does exists. And just when we call eachother we know does it exists. But til now, it was something we live in our parellel world. But maybe, we must to face up as it is in reality. You know about me. You know which i write when i thinking about you. And in someways, our lives are united. Also we are so far  and we did never met eachother. But we feel eachother. When one of us call the other one, we feel it inside. And which we feel is the most great feeling we can feel. It’s like to fall in love for the first time everytime. We have our own dancing butterflies in our stomach. And which we can just do is close our eyes. To take a long breath and our soul meets eachother in a warm hug and just melting ourselves. Get in our parellel world. To smell our own skin. Towards eachother and take our hands. To whispers sweet words. Just look at eachother and  just to the end to say ‘Here, we are’. And, finally, to know we are soul mates.