bluejacket_moltiplica0019I really think, we are real connected, because what i feel when i feel you here close to me is the most great emotion i have had in my life. And maybe i’ll be crazy, but what i feel when our mind get connect eachother, makes me feel so alive and it enough to look at in your eyes to know, that you’re feeling something similar. We are living this strange emotions. I feel you when you whisper my name, or something makes you think to me, and i feel it. As now, my vise in my stomach and my head are exploding inside of myself, and if i look at you, our parallel world is around us, and it makes me feel your hands on me that caress my little body, and for dont faint i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath, while i feel your hands still on my hips trough my t-shirt. If i close my eyes i can see you in front of your pc screen that you attempt to memorize yours script lines, but there is something in this time frame, it distract you, and in your deep, you know, it’s our connection. And we both feel it. We are strongly connect. And now, our flows are in continuos come and go trough our minds, that we can see our lights runs trough our parallel world, we let them to melt eachother. And all these emotions we feel, wear us out, but despite all, we love them, because is our way to comunicate. And i think it’s the most beautiful way to communicate, trough our feelings, our emotions, our connection trought this open diary. And i can only whisper you ‘You dont know how you makes me feel alive’.