It’s from


I woke myself i feel you close to me. My dancing butterflies in my stomach. You in my mind, in my heart, in my soul. Feeling myself scrambled by your feelings. And what i feeling is just your absence. You’re so far from me and which i really need is a warm hug from you and your look into mine. Your hands on me. And that absence would be filled. I would like feel your voice whisper kind words just for me. And to have the certain you feel the same wherever your are, whatever you doing. To have the certain our parellel world get connect eachother and i’m not the only one i feel these sensantions. I would like to have the certain  our world link us in a special way.
Which i feeling in these hours is stronger than before. I didnt ever felt anything like this before. I know i repeat myself but i dont know how i can explain this. Also to me it’s so strange. But when ours souls calls eachother i feel it. Do you?


Just think

About you, and i know you do the same whatever you doing. Our minds are just connected in a such way that we get which we feel eachother. Just look at you, also in an old picture like this one, and we feel eachother. Our souls call us.  The sensantions are he same everytime. And we know that’s that. Simply our connection. In our  parellel world.
Our peaceful place. Where we can talk just with our hearts, because we feel eachother. We feel eachother also we are so far. We can touch on and we can feel our smell. Just closing our eyes, we can feel our hands on our skin.
I can feel your touch. Your gently touch. We can smell our skin.
While i close my eyes i can touch your skin so soft to me. I see your eyes on me. I see them. I can touch on your face, and my finger cant help to touch on your mole.
I see you metion to me a smile. Blushing myself and i get out my finger on your face. A whisper ‘Dont, let continue’. You take my hand to your face and guide me to that your little mole, you know i drive crazy for.
Forehead to forehead, you touch on my hair and you whisper me ‘I love you’.
In this world, our world we listen to our hearts beats so fast. Together look up at the sky. Our lights dancing, melting eachother. And our souls become only one. In ourselves we feel our warm hug that hold us so. Our minds are still confused. Our connection is so stronger than ever.
Which we really need right now is just to look at eachother. We really need of our look into eachother. As i really need you, you really need me.




the sky as im doing right now. Our dancing lights melting eachother, as our souls. Our music get us in our parellel world, where i whisper you ‘today i always felt you’. My soul was consumed by the dancing butterflies. And now i starts to feeling you again. Which i feel for you by now you know it. As i wrote you many times, i hope we could meet eachother so we can see together our lights. Touch on our faces, smile at eachother. And with no shame talks about everything we want. Tell  eachother our bottom secrets. Also dive ourselves into our own eyes saying any words. To find how much love we have for eachother, just look at our eyes. Often do not talk is the better way to express our own feelings. I just need to dive into your eyes to say everything i feel for you. Just i need you, i would like to whisper to you sweet word and feel your warm hug. It’s just i really need right now.


I really

Need you in this time. You have no idea, how i miss you and how much i need to have your eyes on me. Feel you breath when you are so close to me. Need to dive myself into your eyes saying anything. In silence, but in that silence we express everything we feel for eachother. Your light into your eyes hypnotizes me. I would like to hear you breathless. Your hand take mine and we just we know that moment has coming. Our souls calling eachother. We need to connect eachother. And just with our look we feel everything we need to hear to. Our music take us high in the sky. Our lights melts eachother, and we just feel a warm hug. Our hug. Our embrace. Our souls embraces eachother, and we must stay just to look in our eyes and let our hearts speaks for eachother. I need to dive into eyes to feel me in our parellel world with you. Your light is my anchor. And i just need of it. I just need of you.


Like two



Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words. Just feel which we have for eachother. This music unites us so tight. And the only thing we can do is embrace us. Skin to skin. Your warm hug. I look at you in your eyes. I remain breathless looking at your mole and your eyes. I would touch on it, but you take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast. We remain without any words to say. Forehead to forehead you whisper me ‘I need you.’ I try to say something but you close my mouth with your finger and then with a kiss. That’s the way i would like you look at me, embrace me and then you would say me ‘Stay in this way forever’.



I want to


connect myself with you. I looking for you every way, to  feel you close to my soul. I’m feel lost without you. I believe you know that. I looking for you in every corner of my heart. I know you’re there. I feel you. My heart begins to beats so fast. You’re so close to me i feel you. Our souls get connecting eachother. I know you’re listening to the same music i’m listening to. You feel your same emotions i feel right now. At the begins they confuses us eachother. We’re entering at the same time in our parellel world. Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connecting eachother. This love always surprises us. How great it is. We need to think about us and immediately we get connect eachother. I dont need to know you thinking about me. I feel  you do. Which i feel for you is the greatest one i never felt from long time. And i’m sure you do the same. We’re so far away from eachother, but our souls are so closer than before. And i dont need of futher things. Our souls are connected. I hear your voice and that’s all i need. I hear it says ‘I’m here’. And i feel your warm hug. It hugs my soul. I just need of it.

Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connected eachother. They makes part of our parellel world.  They are our parellel world.