I love you


Also for this reason.  Also if i say you ‘Maybe you will take me as a crazy’, you would look at me and you would you say ‘I never would will take you as a crazy’. I would say you everything i feel with honestly, without any your prejudice. Because what i feel, it comes from i feel when we get connect. And the emotions that i feel,  its the same you feel. And what i feel in these lastest days, it’s one of the most great i have felt, since when we have begin to feel something that link us. I feel you in a such way that still surprise myself, and i still ask myself if you dont feel something too. Today, my vise in stomach has grow up always more, hour after hour, till i didnt hear you have pronounced that phrase, and there, i’ve understand that we are more connect, and in some ways, you believe in those things, also if they are a paradoxical. But i dont think all those is paradoxical. Our parallel world is the most beautiful place we have created, together. When we feel in of it, we feel us close one of another, as we never we have felt us before. As now. It’s paradoxical that our real distance is our real closeness, but it’s our parallel world. If we both close the eyes, we both are transported in of it. And when we open them, we dont surprise ourselves, if we are in front, and wthout realizing, we can feel our breath get faster and faster, till remain breathless. I must close my eyes for a second, and in that exact moment, you slowly hold my chest, till to lift me in the air, while you whisper me ‘You’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever met’. My head explodes, while our flows begin to drive crazy. I’m able to feel your heart beats like a crazy, while you say me that phrase. While you slowly, make slide me on your body, i caress your face, while we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our feelings are like a twirl. We look at us, in silence. Our hands touching our faces. You sweetly, place your hand on my face, and with your fingers, you caress my skin, i  arrive to caress your neo, and slowly we approach us. While our lips meet, our senses explodes around us.



It’s from


Today that i feel you close to me in a such way that make me drive crazy. I feel you that you whisper my name as if you scream it. My head has exploded since when i woke myself, and my vise is still get stronger and stronger. I have felt you every hours of the day. You have call my name, or just you have thought of me, and i felt it. Despite our real distance, you was by my side, whispering my name as a magical formula. And now, that im in front of this pc, you feel me more close to you. Our connect, is strong, we both feel it. You have need to look at in my eyes. I have felt it, as i feel it now. Im writing in this diary, and you feel me as i feel you inside of me. Slowly all around us, is disappearing, letting place to our parallel world. I feel you. My heart beats so fast, it stops. Our flows get connect eachother. I typing on this keyboard, and my fingers are shaking. Your closeness is strong. I feel it. We both feel our closeness. If we both close our eyes and we take a deep breath we can feel our hearts beat at the same time. Our parallel world, makes us feel in front, one of another. We dont take off our eyes one from another. Your eyes are the only place i want to dive myself, while my hands slide in your shirt, while you smile to me, without say nothing. You let me do it. We both close the eyes, while that rustle wake up our senses. While it falls down over your arms, you whisper me ‘Stay with me’, looking at me deeply. I would like reply you, but you stop me, caressing my face, you approaching, to kiss me in your own way. Your fingers gently touch on first my lips, then a shy smile, a fugacious glance, a caress on my face, then our lips meet. And in that kiss, all of our parallel world, become our most intimate part.



one more time

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Here you’re to destabilize me, and for sure i cant hold back my tears. It’s useeless to say how i feel your closeness despite your distance. My heart exploded with all its emotions inside. It was a day full of emotions about you. And ours parellel world get connected eachother more than ever. And i still feel you next to me. And if i close my eyes i see your eyes on me and you mention a smile just for me. And i can hear you. You say me ‘It’s all right’. You take my hand to your heart and in a whisper ‘I feel the same’. I just look at your eyes. With no any words ours souls says themselves what we arent able to say.
My heart still beats like a crazy. Still a tear falls down from my face, while i writing these few lines. What i feel right now it’s like tornado I feel ours bond make it bigger and stronger. Ours parellel world is here. We just close ours eyes for a while, and we are in.
Just you and me. Just us.


In these hours

smpost_LukeMy thoughts are towards to you. And in someway i feel you as you feel me. Maybe you think about me a while. I feel something, our parellel world is closer than ever. I close my eyes and i can see you. I rembember when you wrote me, and my heart has exploded of happiness. One year ago. Yes, one year ago, 12 months ago, you left me speechlees got me in confusion, literally. And today, an year after, i hope that magic could repeat itself. And this time we could touch ourselves for real.
And we can see together our parellel world trasforming itself in our real world.
I need to hear your voice whispers me sweet and kind words just for me.
I need of all that.









Some feelings

you make them try only you, and i cant help it to feel how i much i miss you in these hours of the day. I woud like to be just with you in our parellel world in the silence of the night, just you and me and just our feelings. Which we feel for eachother. Just hear to our hears beats so fast and our connection. Just watch you today it was a such emotions for me. Rembember that few days ago you’re read my comment on your blog and you put your like on it, make me feel like excited. That eyes on my few words. And now i look into your eyes. Your sparkle light. How much i missed to see you light for real. I’m happy to see you’re good and your happiness arounds me.  I really hope one of these day you could read these few lines i’m writing to you everyday.

Sincerely Daria