If you look

at me in this way, i could remain hypnotized and i cant move myself . You know which are your effect on me. I cant move any muscles. Please tell me something. I love your voice. Then if you look at me in this way i can also to faint. Your look, your eyes are so magic. They tells me everything. I love your mouth so close, in this way… i would like to kiss it hardly. In your eyes i see our parellel world. In your mouth i hear to his sound. Take me in your arms and make love. I want feel your body close to mine into mine. I take off that t-shrt. I want to be suprised by your chest. I want to kiss it. Touch on it.My hands on you. To feel which you feeling right now. To be sure is the same i’m feeling. Look at me in this way and you show me your love for me. Show me which you see in me. Touching your skin i feel your soul. Look at you i see our world, feel our connection. We feel eachother. We feel our world. Our deepest love.


We call eachother…


and we hear our voices. You waiting for me in our parellel world. I look up my eyes at the sky and which i see our own lights and i see you smiling at me whispering my name. I take fly and i come to you. Waiting for me with your hands leaned towards me. You need to hug me as i need your arms around me. You want to see these spectaculars dancing light with me. And i want to be protected by you. This music hypnotize eachother. And which we can do is listen to it and look eachother in our own eyes and to metion a smile. A smile that says everything we want.  To melt eachother in one just soul. Our parellel soul. Smell our skin. Touch on our skin. Your eyes into mine. My smile into yours. And touch on our skin. Say any words we know what we thinknig about eachother. But… ‘I want to hear from your voice’  I say. Come closer you touch on my hair and whisper in my ear ‘I want you’. Breathless touch on your face, your skin. Look at you. Touch on your mole  then your mouth with my fingers. You open your mouth a little. I feel your wet lips. Breathless. You look at me deeply. Take my finger and slowly put it in your mouth…. We got eachother….


The light…

04_04_36_22Of your eyes always wonder me. Everytime i see it lost myself. And i’m sure our parellel world lives in them. I could remain to look at you endless. Your light, your love gives me the strenght to goes on. Your sparkle light is that little thing that hypnotize me everytime i lay my eyes on you.
Your look say a lot about you to me. Your kindness. Your soul. What’s your mind think about me. What you would to say me and still you didnt. I’m looking at you. Im listening to you. Let your feeling free. I take your hand. Just look your sparkle light. You whisper something i cant listen to. You take my hand. Come closer. Your eyes can see me something i never seen before. You take my face in your hands. Your look becomes deepest. You whisper again ‘I want your soul be mine’. … ‘And your be mine’. We dont need to say anyhing else. Our souls starts a sweet dance. We see millions of colors dancing above us. Looking eachother. Hands in hands. We look at eachother. Many emotions around us. We smile, sometimes we cry, but however always embraced. Our parellel world is also this.  An intimate dance of our souls and colors.



I want to be with you…

c4ceohqxaaagt51I felt need of to call you. I want you. I want your lips. Your kisses. I want to hear your voice whispers my name. I want to see you close your eyes just before you kiss me. I want to feel you breathless. Your hands on me. Everywhere on me. Your look just before i let you in me. Your skin, your flesh. Your penetration. My breath. I say ‘I want you more than ever’. Here. Now. Just our desire of us. We want our connectiion. Our parellel world. Right now. I want our unique desire of eachother. I call you. You smile to me whisper my name. Tongue touches tongue.

I want to be with you.



In Our Parallel World

cattura200Noboby does hurts us. Noboby can does hurts me. You defend me. Im feel so sicure in our parellel world where does everything it’s possibile. Your look makes feel so loved. I really love you when you look at me in this way. It’s like our souls communicate which we have inside. Our feelings. Without the fear that anyboby else could suspect what we feel for eachother. I love to live in our parallel world. It’s the place  we built together. We built with which we feel for eachother. And it’s so magic. Our parallel world it’s the only place where we stay together. You and me. Anybody can touch Us. It’s OUR OWN WORLD. Here we can to make love endlessly, without get tired us. Our look is our energy. Our love burns our kisses, our souls, our hearts. I would like to stay with you all time in this way. You look at me with your eyes that enter me. Inside of my soul. Your whisper words ‘I love you’… Your look in this way. It drives me crazy. I kiss you with all my passion for you. I love our parallel world. Please dont leave us our world. Stay here as we know. Embraced by our love.



Dont wake me up…

NP1127408.jpgTonight i need of a look like this one to be relaxed. And the only one it can gives me that is you. I need your eyes just for me. I need your soul, your heart. I need to listen from your voice ‘I need you, i want you, stay with me, dont leave me alone’. To feel your touch on my hand. Your skin against mine.  Your eyes on me. That look hypnotize me. Your hand starts to explore my body. And the only thing i can do is look at you. Into your eyes,  i become more breathless. Your hands are magic. They knows where touch me. I drive crazy for it. Your mouth meets mine. And  our souls melt in just one. Our bodies are became just one. My desire become yours. Dont stop to make me dream. Dont wake me up from this moment. To feel your skin perfume is just magic. I just look at you for a moment. Your eyes meets mine. We dont need to talk. We softly smile eachother. You say me ‘I love you‘ while come close to me to kiss me once again, touching my face with your hand, closing your eyes. Our tongues dances together in a kiss long as our love. I need to feel once again your touch. I let you in me. You so softly do.

I would like this magic moment dont ever stop. You. Me. Together. Fovever.

Dont wake me up from this dream. I hear your voice says me ‘I love you


unbottened.JPGI’m in this way. I want you in this way. I need to touch your skin. I need to kiss hardly  your lips. To feel you inside of me. A ‘flesh game’. I need to look at your eyes in that way just we know. In that way we know that our tongues touch eachother softly. But our souls melt eachothers. Your hands on my breast. your mouth kissing it…. licks it. Early softly then hardly.
I need to look at you with your unbottoned shirt and with my hand slide in and touch your skin.
You close your eyes and whisper my name different times. So i drive crazy for it. Your deep voice says my name. Our desire grows more than ever. Our look meets eachother. Just our breaths. I let you  in me… once again and our love really explodes in our ‘real love’ we feel eachother. I melt with you as you do.

I really love you. I just need also in this way.