If i told you


That i felt you today and you was online just few second earlier that i’ve checked your favorite social network. Do you believe it? I felt you. I dont want bore you what i felt. You know much better which has been my feelings. And you was there.
Just surprised still myself how it’s so close our connection. Our parellel world it’s here. And maybe we aren’t still aware about this our thin bond that unites us so close, if also we are so far from eachother.
And also now i’m writing these few words to you im feeling you. That strange feeling inside of me that connect me to you, it’s the most beautiful sensantion i ever felt in my life.
I know you in someway, you feeling me as i do in this moment. We are connected eachother.
And i adore this kind of love we have. I say just one thing. ‘I miss you badly’