I felt you close to me. By my side. My dancing butterflies started to dance in my stomach and i started to feel you here with me. I started to think about you and im sure you do the same. What wonderful feeling unites us. I just to think about you and i getting in our parellel world together with you. I feel you taking my hand. Our look into eachother. Which we feeling eachother is stronger than ever, also we are so far from eachother, our souls has a wonderful bond. Just get a little in confusion, but i love that feeling. It does means we are really linked. And i really dont know how it does works but it works. I feel you inside of me and im sure you feel the same inside of you.
Just few  words. ‘I love you more than ever’


How explain


Something that not even i cant explain to myself. But tonight we touched eachother. You’ve read it those few word i sent you. I’m sure of that, not because i felt it, but because i see the message was delivered. So im sure you’ve read it. In someway, our parellel world get thinner and slowly it has becoming a real world. To stay at the same time in the same place, but so far from eachother, it’s so strange to me, but at the same time wonderful. I dont know how can explain which i feel right now. It’s too difficult also for me to find a logical reason for all that. But that ‘delivered‘ means so much to me. It means that in someways i was one of the first i’ve seen you and i was one of the first pepole i’ve sent you a message.
In these hours our parellel is more closer than ever. And i feel in someway it will be happen something in these next days. While im thinking about you my mind get in confusion and which it feels are just the dancing butterflies in my stomach. Maybe i’m a fool, a dreamer, but which i feel between us isn’t something like just a dream. Which happens among us, someday it will comes true.


As me

zbooee1you look at the sky, looking for my light as me looking for your. As me i need you, i feel you need to whisper something to me. I’m here im listening to you. But you dont talk. I just hear to your soul. Looking at your wonderful eyes  i feel our connection. Our parellel world get connected  us. My feelings are so stronger than ever. Do you feel  them? I’m sure you do, as i feel you close to me, also you’re so far from me. Everytime i think about you i feel your soul. How much i need to look at you eyes. Listen to your voice. How much i need to touch on your skin. How much i need to say how you’re important to me. Also in a whisper, also just looking at your eyes. I really would to meet you someday. Maybe meet eachother in our parellel world and to know that it was did real existed  since we met the first time. I really would to know that.



12lukea-01I feel you in these hours of the day, you make feel scrambled. My dancing butterflies dancing in my stomach and the only think i can do is to thinking about you. How it could be possible, you can twist my life in this way? Is it possible you are a sensitive person as i am? And you calling me and i feel you so in me….and i must to write which im feeling in this moment, so you could hear me. We are get connecting in our parellel world. I can smell your skin. And it drives me so crazy. But the most great thing is my heart beats so fast and in this moment i can feel you so close to me. We are so far from eachother, but our parellel world approaches us. My feelings are so strong right now. You’re with me. I feeling you. My heart is like wrinkled, when you call me, and my dancing butterflies dance their dance like crazy. It’s you. You calling…. and the only thing i can do is to write these words, to tell you i’m hearing you. I’m drive crazy for this.


If you look at me



in this way, the only thing i can do is run to you and hug so hardly. You know how i much i would like to do this and whisper your ear just two word. And you know them, ’cause you would like to say them also to me. We need eachother so much. We can’t help it. We’ve found eachother. Everynight we get connect eachother. We feel ourselves. But the only thing we can do is look at the sky while our souls are dancing together. Our distance is our only obastcle. But we’re so close while we think about eachother hardly. And no one can seperate us. Our bond is so stronger everyday than ever. When i think about you i know you do the same We need to think about us together  everything bad goes away from our mind. We need to get eachother to feel ourselves good. We need just our love.