I was

tug141_forteIn bed and i have feel you arrived slowly and you have lay yourself by my side and sweetly you have embraced me. Your chest against my back. For a moment i have believed you was really next to me, that i’ve had to open my eyes. Your arms arounded me so kindly. I have felt your light shirt on my skin. And now i feel your closeness, here, around me, here in my bedroom. You have never left me. In bed, you have began to call me. As if you scream my name. I have felt you. My head was exploded, and our flows has began to come and go from you to me.  I’m here, for you. I feel, you try to say me something else, i feel it. I try to communicate with you trough this open diary. My feelings are exploding when i feel you close to me. And it’s incredible how we are so close one of another, despite our distance. It missing really few to our real meeting. Our parallel world gets bigger and bigger each day and that’s we feel. Our feelings, our emotions, what which we have inside for one for another it’s an inexplicable feeling, but it’s what we feeling from last december, when it’s began our connect.