What can i


Say if not, that i feel you so close to me in these hours. Since when you left your comment on twitter. I feel you around me, inside of me, as if you wants communicate with me through our world, and you are succeeding. My vise is strong and i feel you by my side in a such way that i really love.  Our parallel world saying us something we still dont understand. Our feelings, our emotions get bigger and bigger, when we feel us in this way, but in some ways we are close one of another. I feel you here in my bedroom, while i write in this open diary. You are observing me carefully, i feel you, despite you are far from me. My emotions overwhelm me, and i know it’s only because your thoughts are towards to me, and i feeling it. Sometimes it enough to feel your closeness, for to drive crazy, and what im feeling in this moment. Maybe you’ve just read my reply and you have just mentioned a shy smile, and i have just feel it. Our connect works also in this way. Also a little thought toward to me and i feel it. We feel us eachother close one of another. And this feeling continuing to exists. and how i love this emotion, this feeling we have created without realizing it. This bond among us.