“You still

Kissed and hold my hand, while i stared at you, that you’ve dive yourself in my eyes. And the little bag was still there in front of me. By now our feelings were been themselves open to eachother. We loved eachother.
Your sweetness in your eyes was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. And to be honest with myself, what has happened in these few hours with Luke, has filled all my life made by smalls defeats and broken dreams.
bb043lineareLooking at Luke’ eyes, it seemed that him was thinking to the same things.
I have looked at the the little bag in front of me, and slowly i was approaching to it.
I was taking it, but you stopped me. You looked at me, taking my hand.
With your deep voice, you have asked me ‘Are you sure?’ It was, as if in the little bag, whatever it contained, it there was, for real, all your life, all your dreams.
My heart, by now, was exploded. And more i looked at your eyes, more i was conviced by one, only, thing. Something more big than the universe itself, wanted that we were together. And my heart have told me that, time ago. And, surely, it was a kind of love, but much bigger, more stronger than love itself.
Without talking, you answered me to all these my reflections.  In a whisper, you have said me ‘ it’s more stronger…’
So, you have extracted the little box from the bag. Sweetly, you have smiled me. You was, 
almost, shaking. I have notice that, and i took your little box, from your hand. But you said me ‘Let me make open it, for you’. Without say nothing, but only with the eyes, i have said you ‘Ok’.
You was sit in front of me, on the little table.
The atmosphere was become, more surreal than the first time you was approached me to help me to stand up in the bar. And there were passed just only few hours, but with you, in your home, where was happened everything, it was as if it was passed a week or more. The time had seemed stopped.
We were looked at eachother, while you was opening the grey velvet box. The first between us, whom have looked at inside of the box, has been you, Then, as if you guided my glance, i have looked at its content. You have pulled  it out, and slowly you have put it at my finger.
It was a beautiful silver ring with an amethyst stone on.
You have whispered me ‘The silver is magic as you, and the amethyst has the power to calm….Since when i crossed my glance with your, something inside of me calmed my anxiety. You’re magic, and i thought this ring was made for you’.
I just wanted that this moment has ever no end.”



“Shyly ⇒


smiles_forte3The journey back home, i began to feel you inside of me, in my mind, and my dancing butterflies began their own dance in my stomach. I looked at up the sky and i thought you did the same, despite your sky is blue now on the contrary of mine that is black. I feeling you so close now to me, now by my side in my bedroom and you feel what im feeling. Yes my both legs does hurting me a little, above all the left one.  I know you know what does it means pain. I close my eyes and i see you hand on my legs and your eyes into mine. Your whispers calm me down ‘It will does pass so fast, i assure you’. You smile at me with your smile that it drives me crazy.And you know it. Taking my hand and taking a deep breath, closing ours eyes, slowly we enter in ours parellel world, and there ours souls melting eachother. My pain become also yours and we suffering together.
Your glance in mine and you whisper me, taking my hand, ‘That’s it does means’. We  look of us eachother and i whisper you ‘I love you’.


It’s from

michealchiari7An hour that ours connection is stronger than ever. I’ve tried to ignore it, but i cant help it. You are here close to me, inside of me and i feel you more alive than before. My heart began to beat like a crazy one. I close my eyes and you’re there. You’re already in ours parellel world. You calling me, taking my hand. I looking at your glances just for me. And i slowly enter in ours world. You caress my face. You kiss me.  You ask me why i take so long to come. ‘I felt you immediately, i know you knew it. Forgive me i’ve tried to do something different to see if this sensation was just on my mind or it was real’.  You take my hand and you whisper me, eyes in eyes ‘It’s real, my love’. I look at you speechless. I whisper you ‘So is it really real ours connection’. We look us eachother in silence, for a while. How is it can possible? That’s continuum question. I can feel you so close to me despite your distance. Your glances on me. My heart beat so faster as yours Is it real possible we are linked in someway? I feel you and you feel me. If i close my eyes i see you here next to me. By my side and your look at me, while you take my hand and your eyes are in mine.
Does it will arrives tthe day we could meet us eachother? And we could talk freely about what we felt in these months we were been so far but so close to us.
You say me, taking my face in your hands ‘It will comes, but we must still wait for it’. Taking a breath, i close my eyes and you kindly kiss me. I love your kisses, they gives me the certain of your deepest love for me.