“In front

andrewm_forte165Of these stones, we wanted understand what was happened. But what was happened was so clear. The stones were there, and they still have talked to us, with all their meaning, above all with the first stone, that we have stared so long. It was, also of one my favorite.  With its meaning, symbolized all that i had face up in my life: «the will, primodial strenght, the health, tenacity, the creativity energy» but above all the last meaning the «sexuality», and it was what which we has it impressed us so much.
While we were passed to the next stone, we us holded ours hands very tight.  Among the meanings of this stone, still surprised us, because it described «honest recommedations, aid, indications and gifts», all things, that in these hours, we had shared. But it missed the last stone.
By now, nothing could have surprised us. We had looked at eachother, taking a deep breath. So, we had take a look at the last stone.
As a liberation, the last stone, said us «wishes fulfilled, suffering in fade and protection».
In few meaning, those stones, had described us, our life, and they told us something about our future together.
We were making ourselves many questions, just looking at us, one in another.
We were still speechless.
Of course, we had seen something that overwhelmed us.”


⇐“Walking down

“We looked for ⇒

Waiting for you

croppedluke_forteI close my eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to imagine you, close to me. Trying to feeling your profume. I calling you. But tonight you are so far from me. I dont feel the usual vise in my stomach, when i feel you by my side.  I repeat myself ‘it cant happens each night’, but it would be fantastic. Our connection is so strong, when we connect one of another. We have a bond so strong, also if we dont know what it is for real. But for sure, it does exists. When i look at your eyes, my soul opening to the most beautiful experiences of my life. Someone can defines it, telepathy. I describe all that as ‘Ours Parallel World’.  And isnt magic, or my madness. It’s just something we have inside, both of us. We know it, just us, we only feel us it. And when we feel it, it’s a such beautiful feeling. In our parallel world, you told me things that would realized. Can you imagine, how can feel myself.
Writing these few lines, i’m feel close to you. Now i close my eyes, something tells me, you hearing me. You know what to do. And we get connecting one of another. It’s  a great feelin what which i’m feeling right now. It gets bigger inside of me. Maybe i’ll be a crazy one, but since i was child i have had these sensations, and i didnt never wrong. And these sensations, emotions get bigger. Now my thoughts are all toward to you. Now i feel our connection is began. You have whispered my name. Ours souls meets, and our parallel world welcome us.
If all that it was the begining of our real world?


You stay

mmc_forte1eIn front of me looking at me in this way. Without say word. Just eyes in eyes. You make me feel blush a little. I look at down on the floor, but you take my face in your hands and slowly yours face approach to mine and ours skins touches themselves so gently. Also yours hands caress my face. Our eyes into themselves, they transporting us in our parellel world and we, finally can touches ours lips in a kiss we hardly will forget it.
Right then we look at us breathless. Taking your hand to my heart i whisper you ‘Do you feel it?’. Breathless you take my hand to your chest ‘It beats like mine’ you say me, without leave me yours eyes on me. I feel it trought yours white shirt. I closing my eyes taking a deep breath. The rustle of the shirt drives me crazy. You take me my hand and you let my hand slide in it. Slowly it falls down over your arms. Your glance on me. Face to face slowly we approach us to kiss us once again. Yours soul, yours heart sourrounds me like in an embrace.


You didnt

murders_forteLeft me for an istant from yesterday. I feeling you so close to me. I dont need to close my eyes to be connect with you. Yours soul, yours heart and yours mind are connecting with mine from yesterday night. I feel your closeness so closer than ever. Ours light melting eachother in a faster way, as they are dancing, as they want recover the lost time. My dancing butterflies dancing like crazy ones. I feel your heart beats  faster like mine. If i close i see you next to me and i feel you taking a deep breath taking my hands and right after we are in our magic parellel world. How is it possible we feel us eachother so close, despite ours distance. If we close ours eyes and we open them right after, we are in front of us, and we can feel ours hands on us. We can feel ours frehness and face to face we dive ourselves in ours glances, and there, we just need to look at us to see ours feelings arounds us like a in a magic potion. You in other side of the planet, me in front of this pc screen, but we feel us so closer than before. Slowly we reach us eachother and this continuos flow of emotions is the most inexplicable thing we feel us eachother, but in someways the right way we feel close us eachother. Ours approach has becoming so faster. It will arrives the day we will meet us and we will be speechless, breathless.


Still tonight

winnerlosers_fortewhen i was on the couch, i felt you close to me. My dancing butterflies danced their own dance and i felt you was close to me. I was sleeping, you didnt woke me up, but i felt you was by my side, maybe you just looked at me while i have had my eyes closed. I just felt your hand holds mine. And now i’m here, in my bedroom ours emotions, mine but above all yours arounds me. And if i close my eyes i see you here next to me, i feeling your touch on my heart, and your glance on me. This sensation is making bigger everyday. Im sure you feel the same. It’s something inexplicable but we know it’s ours parallel world. And what we feeling are in ours deepest thoughts, and just when connect eachother we know we can close ours eyes taking a deep breath and right after we are in front eachother and we can look at us eachother and touch us eachother, maybe still standing in front with no add any words. Just our glances and ours soft touches, maybe just few whispers.