This time


I say you ‘How much i love you’. And for real, if one of these days we would meet us, i would be not suprised about a lot of things we have in common, especially our own way to think about such things. Here is hard to explain, but we think at the same way. And i’m shaking my head about we are on the same wave line. I could explain my thoughts also here, but it’s useless. If we would meet for real we can smiling eachother, and say anything. Just look at eachother and we would take our hands, hold them strongly and whisper eachother ‘Why we took so long to meet eachother?.
Shaking my head to find an valid anwser. But i would say you ‘I really dont know, but we are lucky we met eachother.’ Also in this strange way. but we did.
Maybe our destiny has draw our life in this way.

As you know i had some problems in my life, and to be watched as ‘the different one’ it hasnt ever been easy for me. Slowly, very slowly i’ve learnt to goes on and to look above those looks.
One of the lastest lesson i got it’s from you. I never stop to thank you.
You taught me a lot just acting. And i believe you got a lot too.
We never forget which we got. Me from you and you from Long John Silver.
Just to believe in our own force. And to transform your apparent weakness, in your real strenght.




In this way you look at  me.
I ask you ‘What are thinking about?’. In silence you take my hand and you kiss it so slowly. Your eyes into mine. A minute in suspence. Then you take my hand to your chest and in a whisper you tell me the most beautiful phrase that i can heard from you.
‘How I could live so far without you’. Breathless i look at you. I take your hand. Our look into eachother. Remain still speechless. That’s i thought since i met you the first time. Our souls get connect eachother slowly.
‘I really dont know my love, as you need me, i need you strongly’. You give me such strenght that anybody else isn’t able to give me. Just you. I just to look at you and i’m feel alive as never been before. I need you as the darkness need the lightness.
And you need me as the chaos needs the calm. I’m here for you. And you are here for me.
We complete eachother.
We need just to take another step. And we know which is.







dont know how many times i thank you everyday for which you gave me. With that strenght i can do everything and i know you’re close to me in every moment, as you do in right moment. I could feel you. Also the remoteness betweeen eachother. I thank you beacause with which  you did you make feel something more about me to other people. But i just thank you to be always here when i need you as right now. Our souls get connecting. Our butterflies are dancing and our stomach is scrambled by them. We feel it. I’m feel it as you do. And we just need to look up at the sky to see our lights melting eachother as our souls. I just need look at you in your eyes to see our parellel world. And my need of it is so big as i need of you. Talk to me. I need to hear your voice.


There is no

northern-lights-scotlandA real explication for my love for you. It goes beyond a real feelin. Since i’ve met you, i knew that our bond would been special. And it was for real. Maybe i reapet myself, but which you gave me is something more than a simply phrase. You gave me such strenght and i learnt such from you than in all my life. I’ve been always a strong person, but after met you i’ve streghtened my own force. Maybe very few people got what im saying to you, or maybe not. But i dont care. I want let to know just to you. And this is enough for me. Maybe one of these words i’m writing in this ‘open diary’ will reaches to you, and maybe the magic will be fullfiled and our souls will get connect also in our real world.

It’s from today i feeling you. My dancing butterflies dance their own dance in my stomach. I know your mind is towards to me. And the only thing i could do is write these few thoughts just for you. Hoping you can hear me. I’m sure you do as i hear you in me.

I love you…


You & Me

431836-oriWe are so far from eachother. But we just know our need to stay close eachother. I look into your eyes. And your light talks to me about your need to whisper sweet words. In your eyes i see our parellel world and in your heart i listen to our music that takes us away from this world where we dont belong to. Just in our own world we belong to eachother. In your eyes i see my own light and from your eyes i cant leave my look. Which strenght you gave me cames from there. From your soul i see trought your eyes, your look.  Your look could to consume myself, but i’m able to reborn just with another look of you. I need of you so much. My heart starts to beat so fast. I feel you. And you could hear me. We start to get connect eachother. I’m calling you from here, from my bedroom. With  this music i’m listening to, i know you connection is more easier than ever.  Our souls slowly melts eachother. And i know you hearing me. Look up at the sky. Our lights dancing together.


It’s in



this way… and that’s make me smile. And i drive crazy for that. We have a ‘special bond’ that unites us, since we met the first time and you have strengthened with your little gestures and i still cant believe has happened to me, but it did. And i metion a smile with you and we get connect eachother it’s a such beautiful thing we cant still explain eachother but it’s happens. Maybe you rembember about me. Maybe you had take a look at this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicate to you. Maybe you have mentioned a smile to all that. I dont know. But i’m sure we have a ‘special bond’ that unites us. And i’m sure, while i’m writing to this ‘open diary’, i’m building a ‘bridge’ to reach to you. And i’m sure you’re happy that i do that thing. Those australian visualizations aren’t a case. I know, it’s you. And i still smile as you do.


Someone asked me


‘Who do you miss?’ Reply myself  ‘I miss you’. I dont reply to this question how i would like to. But i know how i miss you so badly in this time. Just you know the truth of my heart. You know my bottom feelings. How i miss your touch and you know you’ve touched my soul. Just to write this diary i feel so close to you. And just look at you i dont feel empty. You’re that part  i lost long time ago. Just with you im feel happy.  Just look at your eyes and i see our parellel world and in there i’m feel completly myself. Your smile contains the most beautiful colorful light i’ve ever seeen in my life. You make reborn myself  just whisper just few words that got me in a such way i never forget. As i never stop to say that. You gave me that strenght i started to loose. With just few words you show me i can go on beside all. You’re my strenght. My parellel world and all i need is you.