You in this

SaveScuroWay. Your looks in mine. I love when your eyes are just for me. I see in them a sparkle light and it illiuminates me from inside and i see ours parellel world in them. I just need to dive myself in your eyes to enter with you in it.
I love when it’s so easy escape from this world, just look at your eyes, also if i dont feel close to you, as im doing right now, as i would. I feel you a little far. But it doesnt matter, because i feel ours thin rope is always linked to us eachother. And if i take a long breath and i close my eyes i feel something it calls you to me, and whatever you doing, you stop yourself and your thought reaches to me and i begin to feel you. I close my eyes and i take your face in my hands. For a while we look at us eachother, just in this way. In silence and ours souls melting eachother so slowly and ours breath make it thinner, letting us eachother speechless.
It was enough a thought of mine and we were been together. I love this ours connection…. just ours thought about us and suddendly we’re been together.


Some feelings

you make them try only you, and i cant help it to feel how i much i miss you in these hours of the day. I woud like to be just with you in our parellel world in the silence of the night, just you and me and just our feelings. Which we feel for eachother. Just hear to our hears beats so fast and our connection. Just watch you today it was a such emotions for me. Rembember that few days ago you’re read my comment on your blog and you put your like on it, make me feel like excited. That eyes on my few words. And now i look into your eyes. Your sparkle light. How much i missed to see you light for real. I’m happy to see you’re good and your happiness arounds me.  I really hope one of these day you could read these few lines i’m writing to you everyday.

Sincerely Daria

Dont be shy


about your love. Dont be shy for everything you feel for me as i am. Our love is one of purest. Our world is the most tangibile thing  that does exists. When you whisper me you want me i see your eyes and i see the truest love i ever seen in my life. So look up and get your eyes in mine. My soul wants touch your. Dont be shy. Take my hand and take me to into your heart. In the air i can smell your skin. You’re in everywhere. And all that i really love. I know you’re so far from me. But it’s like you so close to me. Our parallel world is so close to us. I can touch you. I can see your eyes, see your smile, see your sparkle light. I can see your wonderful soul. I can feel you in me. Your warm hug makes me feel secure in  that lonely room, just with you, our music, our souls. Whisper three words. ‘I Love You’.

Dont be shy, look up your eyes… get in into mine… You slowly kiss me.



The light…

04_04_36_22Of your eyes always wonder me. Everytime i see it lost myself. And i’m sure our parellel world lives in them. I could remain to look at you endless. Your light, your love gives me the strenght to goes on. Your sparkle light is that little thing that hypnotize me everytime i lay my eyes on you.
Your look say a lot about you to me. Your kindness. Your soul. What’s your mind think about me. What you would to say me and still you didnt. I’m looking at you. Im listening to you. Let your feeling free. I take your hand. Just look your sparkle light. You whisper something i cant listen to. You take my hand. Come closer. Your eyes can see me something i never seen before. You take my face in your hands. Your look becomes deepest. You whisper again ‘I want your soul be mine’. … ‘And your be mine’. We dont need to say anyhing else. Our souls starts a sweet dance. We see millions of colors dancing above us. Looking eachother. Hands in hands. We look at eachother. Many emotions around us. We smile, sometimes we cry, but however always embraced. Our parellel world is also this.  An intimate dance of our souls and colors.