Here we alone


Where i can look at you with no shame and all my bottom desire. I look at you in this way, as you look at me. I see your soul calls me, and i listening to it, and i make no resistence. Dive myself into your eyes and together we get in our parellel world. While i touch on your shirt. I feel your heart begins to beats so fast as mine.
Everytime i start to write here, it’s a strange feeling. Our hearts and souls begins to melt eachother. My mind get melting with your and every sense around us explodes together. A warm sensantion embraces ourselves. Also if we are so far. Our  dancing butterflies dances their own dance and we let them dances. It means we get connect eachother in our parellel world, with no shame. And we love eachother more than ever. Do you love this feeling as i do?
My heart explodes and i imagine also your, with no to know where does it comes from. But we do. It’s just our connection. And this open diary is our path with this background music. We need to take our hands and to decide how we can meet eachother once again.
This path i’ve opened just for you. Listen to your heart and let guide yourself from your feeling. Then you’ll find me.





You look at me in this way, what can i think about?… Let me put the right music on and let me see you without saying any words. I know something begins among us. Your look into mine and mine into your. Your naked chest, in this way. Your own way to get your eyes on me. Your mouth almost open. Ready to whisper something. You do. Say something i dont get. I remain breathless. You come closer to me. You take my hand to your wet and naked chest. I cant leave my look into your eyes. Your fingers start to unlance my shirt, while your lips starts to kiss me everywhere. I touch on your skin, while my eyes doesnt leave their look into your. My heart for a while stops to beats. Your eyes captured my soul, and your mouth is on my skin as your hands. Slowly you drop my shirt on the floor and i cant move myself. Just moaning a little. But i just close my eyes searching something i lost. ‘You don lost anything’, your voice says. ‘I do… lost myself in you’. You look at me for a second. Then another look of you just for me.
A mention smile. Then our lips meets eachother in a kiss



Looking at you

And i surprised myself how much i see of your soul just trought your eyes. It’s wonderful how just two eyes as your tells everything about you. How much joy i find in them also you dont say anything. Just looking at your eyes i see your soul sparkling in everywhere around us. This is one of reason i would  like to meet you one day and i’m sure we dont need say any words. Our souls will speaks for us eachother. I dont know what you will say to me, but i’m sure what my soul says to your. A little whisper that just our hearts could listen to. Our connections… in our parellel world. I woud like to touch on your heart as you did with mine time ago. Maybe i just did, but i really dont know. I’m still dreaming about that. And i’m still hope about a little my touch on into your soul.


I really

Need you in this time. You have no idea, how i miss you and how much i need to have your eyes on me. Feel you breath when you are so close to me. Need to dive myself into your eyes saying anything. In silence, but in that silence we express everything we feel for eachother. Your light into your eyes hypnotizes me. I would like to hear you breathless. Your hand take mine and we just we know that moment has coming. Our souls calling eachother. We need to connect eachother. And just with our look we feel everything we need to hear to. Our music take us high in the sky. Our lights melts eachother, and we just feel a warm hug. Our hug. Our embrace. Our souls embraces eachother, and we must stay just to look in our eyes and let our hearts speaks for eachother. I need to dive into eyes to feel me in our parellel world with you. Your light is my anchor. And i just need of it. I just need of you.


if only



You could look at me in this way, as i would like to and you could say me which you feel for me in this istant, i could be the most happiest girl in the world. I could feel myself beloved by you. Your eyes tells me a story about lights, souls, whispers and i could dive myself in them and likely i could find the real me. In your eyes i’ve found myself time ago and from there i would never leave myself. I’m feel so good when i’m just with you. Im feel in a peaceful place just with you. I can open myself just with you. And when i dont feel our souls get connect eachother i ask myself  ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’.  Now im feel you far from me but im just calling you and im feel you hearing me. You’re so far from me. But something among us has happening. Our dancing butterflies, dances. Our connections works always in the same way. We just know how.

Your eyes… if only they could see me, if you look at me in this way…I could touch on your skin, your skin so soft. To metion a smile, you could take my hand to your heart and make me feel how it does beats so fast. Looking into my eyes with no say any words. Just a look. That kind of look where we dive ourselves into the soul of eachother. Where we can see our lights. There, where is born our parellel world.



as me…


Surprises yourself how our lights dancing together while we  feeling eachother and start to get connect eachother, also we’re so far. Here in my bedroom i start to write you and i feel you hearing me. I see you look at the sky and we see our souls dancing becoming just only one. When did we first heard our connection?  I do believe you was the first to  hear that feeling that now it unites us so strongly. Now im feeling you. My heart beats so strong and my dancing butterflies are in my stomach and im so calm. Just with you i feel like this. My mind is free and just wants you. Looking at you. Your eyes so surprised and i dont surprise how much beauty there is in our parellel world.  You know how i much i need you in this moment. Look up our eyes and together we look at the sky with amazed eyes. As me that look at you wonderful eyes in this moment. They describes me saying any words which you feel. Remain breathless. I see your wondeful soul trought your eyes. Our lights, our dancing butterflies, our souls melting eachother. I come close to you taking your hand to my breast and i whisper ‘You see. this our love’





Our parellel world i feel our  distance. And i miss you so badly. I know you’re sleeping now. I try to wake you up. My soul calling you. I just need you to look at you in your eyes. Just need to touch on your skin. I need your warm hug. Just need you look into mine. Need to hear to your voice whispers my name. I need of some certainty of your love, your feel for me. I just need of something you just can give me. I feel something inside of me and i’m sure you start to feel the same. Open your eyes. Look up your eyes. Do you feel it? You get in our parellel world. Im in there. I’m waiting for you. Our eyes get into eachother and our souls get into a sweet embrace. ‘I’ve waitied for you’ whisper you in a ear and i kiss soflty your neck. ‘Embrace me, i need of it’. I smell your skin and i close my eyes as you do. All i need of this. Of your embrace. Of your naked skin. Of your smell. Of you.


Taking off


… and looking at me in this way you make me feel breathless. You take off your shirt. My heart starts to beats so fast as your. I see you light get into mine and i drive crazy fo every your move. That shirt falls on my hands. You come closer to me. Blush myself. Take my face in your hands and whisper ‘Dont blush. I need of you, as you need of me’. We does know eachother. I smell your skin profume on your shirt. It drives me crazy. You know. Let me look at you a while. Let our souls speaks eachother. My hands on your chest. Yours on my face. Look up into your eyes. A smile of eachother. Our souls get connect eachother. Our parellel world. Us. Our moods.  I let you in me. Breathless. Me in you. And just our passion. Just our own love. I whisper ‘I miss you’. ‘I love you’ your soul says me. We love us eachother.



If you look

at me in this way, i could remain hypnotized and i cant move myself . You know which are your effect on me. I cant move any muscles. Please tell me something. I love your voice. Then if you look at me in this way i can also to faint. Your look, your eyes are so magic. They tells me everything. I love your mouth so close, in this way… i would like to kiss it hardly. In your eyes i see our parellel world. In your mouth i hear to his sound. Take me in your arms and make love. I want feel your body close to mine into mine. I take off that t-shrt. I want to be suprised by your chest. I want to kiss it. Touch on it.My hands on you. To feel which you feeling right now. To be sure is the same i’m feeling. Look at me in this way and you show me your love for me. Show me which you see in me. Touching your skin i feel your soul. Look at you i see our world, feel our connection. We feel eachother. We feel our world. Our deepest love.


How beautiful

bagollo9You’re. Your look hypnotize me. Your eyes talks to me. In our eyes i see such beauty, you cant imagine. Your look. that look dive myself in an universe we just know. Our parellel world. How i much i love to watch to you. Without say any words instead say everything you think about me. What you would like to do. I can see your thoughts and you see mine. We feel eachother as in this instant. Our stomach are scrambled by millions of dancing butterflies. We follow this music. It connects eachother. Our eyes watch the same lights in the sky. I see their sparkling in your eyes and you in mine. That’s our love. I whisper ‘How beautiful you’re’. You caress my face smiling at me taking my hand to your heart. It beats faster as mine. This music take us higher than ever. In the sky we got eachother. We melt eachother. See myself in your eyes as you do in mine. Your mouth close to mine we can touch on. We can touch on our souls We touch our hearts. We can touch our love. We can touch eachother. We love US