Two souls like ours cant be separated  so long

How is it possible?

I do believe in magic, yes, but in this strongest way, it didnt ever happened to me

This continuos

This continuos flow of energies among us growing fast


What has began last december growing faster, and ours feelings are there

What i seeing

You know what i feel for you it's totally different from simple love. It's a different matter

Also today

we melting us in a kiss soft as velvet

It’s a

It's a continuos flow what i'm feeling from the other day


like a blow i feel you so close to me. That's incredible how you make me feel when, in someways, you're around the corner, or in someways you stop yourself and your thoughts are towards to me

I thinking

I ask myself do you feel that ours connection as i do

When you

Last night when i felt you in me and then suddenly you was apparead i thought it wasnt possible, instead it was you for real

Let me be

And, finally, to know we are soul mates