I love

134ForteWhen you give me the possibility to tell you something i never told to anyone, but i’m able to say just to you. It’s such a intimate thing that i can do just with you. Also i know you’re so far from me. But it’s like you was by my side, and you ask me something more about my life. Like you was with me, maybe while we looking at that sunset sitting in a bench and you take my hand and you hold it tight on your leg, while i continue to talk to you. And you look at me with your wonderful eyes. Your eyes in mine. For a while, i blush myself. Your whisper to me ‘Please dont do it. I want to know everything about your life’. Ours eyes meets eachother. Breathless, we enter in ours parallel world. Your whisper opens the gates of this magic world, and there, we close ours eyes and we take a long breath and we close them at the same time. And you can see  my whole life. What i had face to reach where i’m now. Just next to you. Suddendly, i can hear your heart beats so faster like a crazy one. ‘Dont go on’ you say me, taking my face. In front of me, you kneel and you take my hands. Looking at me, what you can do is to give me a tender kiss. Eyes in eyes. A long sigh. ‘I love you’ you whisper me’.


Who i would like to be

for you? I would like to be just a friend, your best friend, or something more. But basically a person who is stand next to you also just to talk or also to stay close to you and say anything. A person when you need to be with your thoughts, but need a person by your side. When you need to laugh about stupid stuff and you know that you can call me and you can do it freely. A person who can look into her eyes and you can say what you feel with no shame. But also a person who can give good advices about life, about everything, then can decide youself, but always after you have consulted me. To be a kind of anchor, where you know to be safe.
And maybe after all to know, it’s me the person who you have look for all that time.
I would like to be that kind person for you. And not just a girl who falled in love with you. And i would like that you was the same for me. Just the guy named Luke Arnold, a ‘special friend’ as me for you. Just friend or something more, but just because all which we need is our loyal frienship… our love.





Navigate in the same ocean, without ever meeting us. But yet we know a lot of eachother.
We met eachtoher many times in our dreams. We felt eachother. We clashed many times. We touched on. But we never stop to know who was. But something inside of us said always ‘You know who you’re’. That voice cames from our souls.  And that voice still saying ‘your hearts calling eachother’.
Something strange happens to me everytime your souls is towards to me. I hear your.
And that’s we get connect eachother
That’s it we get in our parellel world.
That’s true we didnt ever met, but it’s like it was
Everytime i look at you i hear something like a whirl. It’s not like when you fall in love with someone
It’s like something more than that beautiful feeling
Which happening among us is something i still cant explain to myself.
I’m sure if one day we meet eachother it will happen something great.
As old friends who didnt meet eachother from long time
And our hearts will explodes like a bomb of emotions.
Just a  look of us to get which we are made for eachother.