I just

wl_sommaicant believe how i feel you next to me in these hours. My mind, my heart, and my soul are sorrounded by your presence, despite your distance, how is it possible?? I dont need to close my eyes, i just see you here. I just smell your skin and your glance into mine drives me crazier than before. Ours parellel world makes feel us close eachother. And we feel it. I just thinking about you and you do the same. I know it, you know it. And all that makes us drive crazy. We feel so close eachother, in ours parellel world. You touch on me. I smell your skin. You taking my hand and i feel your soft skin on me. Your glance on me and just few whispers that says how much we love us. We close ours eyes at the same time and we making love. The act of love more beautiful we have made til now.
You’re the only person who i really need close to me in this period. You’re the only person who makes feel real Alive. How much i need you? How much i love you?
Maybe you have no idea. So much. I need you so much. I love you more every day.


In this way…


When i having some problems with instagram, you appear… in this way… and i dont want say anything just you make me smile. You make feel happy. Just a whisper i can say you ‘I need you badly’ . And you know it much better than anyone else in this moment how much i need you.
I let to want to listen to the music im listening to. And this take me to you. Now i look at you and which  i would like to do i just embrace you so tight
Just think about our parellel world. Just closer than we could imagine. You so far from me but in someway you so close to me. I just cant believe it that all that has happening among us. It’s so magic.


I just did


That step i never thought to make. I just did it. I just wrote you. I’ve open that path that i never thought to cross. Now it’s your turn, always if you want to spend some of your time to reply to that stupid letter. I’m aware, i wrote a common letter. I dont say ‘I’m sorry’, but just i didn’t wanted to bore you.  Just to say thank you for which you did for me it just a greatest thing.
The only thing that could make feel happy it’s that you maybe (and i say maybe), rembember about me. And that it would be so nice to me. Therefore, you will decide to reply to me. I live in this hope. A hope that could transform in a dream that comes true.
I dont ask you anything. Just dont escape from this world  that’s our parellel world, and you can say me, you can whisper me ‘I feel you’ and let our souls get connect, everytime we call eachother. And you can say, i’m not the only who feel that ‘strange feeling’ everytime we are so close but so far.
I just really need of that. Just this.