If what

book0001-1I’ve write is the truth, and as what i’ve just seen is the certainty about our connection, i can raise my hands and i give up myself to all what i feel in this moment. Our connection is growing up each day. And what i feel is your real closeness, despite the distance. I dont need to close my eyes, but i must need to take a deep breath, because you have leave me without breath. I just wrote, you wait these moments to connect you with me. And…
Our parallel world is which is. A place where our minds can get connect freely. Our parallel world contains everything we feel when we are connect, ¬†and something beyond. My head is exploding, my vise in stomach is stronger than ever. I just cant believe it. If that’s you, nobody cant tell me, but what i feel in this moment is one of biggest feelings i ever have felt. Like a punch that scramble me, but what which preveals, is your closeness by my side and few times i wrong. Since when it has began this our strange connection, i have felt you close to me in differents ways. But this time, i feeling you in an inexplicable way. More close, more inside of me. As if you want really try to say me something.
Maybe i’m a big dreamer, but what i feel in this moment isnt a dream. I typing on this keyboard, black on white. What i feeling is real. And that’s you.