tanglesbackcontrario_forteHere you are. You overwhelm me always. When i think, that all this it’s just fruit of my imagination, you arrive to me and you say me this. It has happened again. When i woke myself, i thought to which you’ve said me. It seemed so real. It’s the second time, and now i cant really verified it. But what you have said me, resounded all day in my head. I’ve seen the whole scene, i’ve heard your words. I wanted embraced you. And now, you dont tell me, that you dont feel me, ’cause im feeling you so close to me, that i can ¬†stretch my hand and hold yours. I feel you in such way that i could scream your name, but i know, you are feeling me also from wherever you are. I sighing and i’m thinking of you.
Aint a case that im confessing you all what i feel, and you do the same, also in a strange form, but it’s what are you doing. Our parallel world is here. We have created it together. And in of it, we confess us everything, what we have made, what we have thought, what we have said. And now we are in front, one to another, overwhelm, for what is happening between us.