That look


Seems waiting for me. I can smell you profume in air, and it drives me crazy. As how are dressed. That black jacket and you white shirt. But above it’s your look that it drives me crazy. It says me everything which you feel for me. Which you want from me. And i’m here to give it to you with no shame. Here in our parellel world where¬† just we are. You and me.
Where i can touch on your heart and to feel¬† how it beats so fast, as mine. We can look eachother, also we’re so far. We know in our parellel world everything it’s possible. I can touch your skin trough the shirt. I see you close your eyes, and the shirt fall on the floor. You take my hand on your naked chest, and kiss the other one so gently.
Caressing my face, i blush a little bit. Your profume inebriates me, and you can do which you want to do, always so kind. I hear your voice, you whisper me so sweet words. I can feel your hands on my body. You touch on my scares, you kiss them. I feel your kindness on me. You’ve touched my heart once again.
You know about my life. You’re treating me like your ‘pirate princess’.
I remain breathless. Just one phrase i can whisper. ‘I love you’.



Waiting for

Hyde_iTo see you in that movie, im dreaming about you and me together like never before.
I dream you take my hand, you look at me with this look i drive crazy for. I dream to touch on your skin. To smell your own profume. To touch your lips, your hair, dive myself in your eyes. To feel our own sensations, our feelings. To get in our parellel world together, hand in hand. To touch on your silky shirt and i begin to unlace it. You allow that with no say any word. Just look at me. You remain breathless as i do. You start to touch me so gently. Forehead to forehead our whispers. Your hand on my face. Your eyes into mine.
Just a whisper from you, ‘Dont stop’ and you kiss me softly…