Like a bomb

this morning you came to wake me up with the sensation in my stomach, and i was sure you was thinking about me. It was like you was there, close to me. And it was a wonderful sensation. In half sleep to think about you, together in our parellel world. What such feeling you got… Continue reading Like a bomb

The lights

Into your eyes is the most beautiful light i've ever seen and how it does calm myself, that's incredible. I just need into them and i just see our parellel world. I love your look especially your eyes. I just look at them and dive myself in our world where i can meet everything i… Continue reading The lights

I just hope…

 One day some one will show you which i'm writing about you on this 'open diary' . It's a just a diary. But in these pages i write there is just love for you. And when i write to you i'm feeling good. It's like to talk to you for real. here i must confess… Continue reading I just hope…

Tell me a pirate story

My pirate... tell me a story i want to hear. Tell me a pirate story. A story that just you know it.  A story where you and me meet for the first time. Where i ask you to take me away from this world. A pirate story with black flag, cannon balls, jolly roger. A… Continue reading Tell me a pirate story