Take me away

photo-1531366936337-7c912a4589a7from this world. Take me to your ship. Let me fight with you. Let me see blood. Give me a sword, let me fight our enemies next to you. Let me scream with you ‘Let’s fire!’. Let me be your soul mate also in war. Let me guide you among ice and fire, among lightness and darkness. I wanna be your anchor also in this. Let me smell your sweat, let me smell also worked leather. Let me be to your side while you prounonce bad words. While you let your soul free when you feel yourself attacked and while your proud is threatened. Let me be your mirror where you could find calm for your soul. Ask me every your questions. What i would do if i was you. Let me take you to our ship. And i let you be my quartiermaster. I let you confess all your bottom thought. Let me embrace you after this fight. Let me kiss you everywhere. Let me dive in your eyes as i let you into mine and slowly let in our parallel world with our own pirate ship.




When i see you…

luke-12_2015-a_sin this way, just one thing is on my mind. Your desire. Desire of everything about me. And my desire of you grow up. I want to smell your skin. I want you take me to our pirate ship and goes to our parellel world where we get eachother. We feel our passion. Our smell, our souls melting eachother. Your soflt hands on me as your eyes into mine. There we can find our parellel world. Our own bottom world. Our bottom souls. Where we can see into our eyes and say anything just because we just know everything about us. Our desires. Our touches. Our looks. Your whispers, my sighning. My eyes into your. Our world into your mole. Our world into my love for you. Your own sun into your smile. I feel your breath makes it fast. Our dancing lights around  us. Your warm hug. You give me the most silky kiss. Your lips on my mouth…your tongue plays with mine . We love eachoter.



I hear….



crystal sounds. Do you? Our souls get connected eachother. Our body dancing in a  whirlwind dance. We melt, and we hug eachother. I see our moment of merger. Your hair become one with mine. As your hands, your body. We listen to this  music and the magic is fullfiled. Our souls become one. Now we are two in one soul. We are inextricably linked. I see the world. Our world with your eyes and you see my love with mine. Such great thing. Now we hear what we feel for eachother for the very first time. But we knew it already. But it’s a such great feeling which we feel right now. Like a pirate ship explores an uknown sea, but it knows where must to go to find its treasure, our souls knows what to find to get the real love. Our love. Our parellel world. Our own hidden treasure. We just need to look at eachother to touch on our hearts, our bodies and to find ourselves.