Seeing you

2703-2019forte-1after few hours you wrote what you wrote and after few hours you did put your likes on my comments, it make me feel so closer to you. And believe me, when i was in front on television, half asleep, i felt our connection. I felt you close to me, as in this moment. I can smell something in air, a new profume and it takes me to you. I taking a deep breath and while i close my eyes i see you next to me. I feel you here, by my side. Maybe you did see i put your video on my twitter. I really want your sensibility doesn’t makes deleting within few hours. What you doing is important to me and i really want show everybody with few it makes alot. And you doing it. A lot. I say you how much strenght you gave me when i had face my last leg operation (and i had face too many legs operations, since i was born, i really thank you)

But now i feel you close to me. My vise, my dancing butterflies around us. Ours souls melting together, and ours parallel world welcome us. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands, we slowly enter in. I feel you behind me. Your shirt on my back. I  close my eyes and you embracing me sweetly. I feel your smell, while you turns me around in front of you.
Your emotions are mine too, what you feel, i’m feel too. You take my face in your hand, i taking your off sunglasses. What i see, is just a marvellous world enclosed in your eyes. My world. I remain here, in front of you breathless, speechless. The only think i can do is touch on your chest, trought your soft t-shirt. And you let me do it. Our emotions, feelings, flying around us, and we are looking at us, caressing eachother. It’s the only thing we makes naturally. We are captured by ours glances. Just a kiss could break this magic.



I feel in these hours it’s your continuos closeness to me. You didnt ever leave me. Like if you want to fill last night, when i whispered your name to enter in our parallel world but you was so far from me, like you would want to say me ‘I’m sorry’. I look at you in your eyes and i take your face in my hand. A little whisper comes out from my heart, a ‘i love you’. Now we are in front, face to face and we dive us in ours eyes. And together, we enter really, in our magic world, where nobody else cant enter. I feel you so close to me, you leave me without the breath. I need to close my eyes to dont drive crazy. I feel you take a deep breath, i feel you breathless while you looking at me. Our minds, ours souls melting together. Between us ours lights begins their slow dance. Your light melts with mine and we feel so closer. The only thing we can do is just watch to this dance lights arounds us, while we looking at us in our eyes in silence. You caressing my face. I have my hands on your bare chest and we remain in this way standing in front. Your glance hypnotizes me. Your skin is soft, while i caressing it.
Slowly, you approach to me, you take my face in your hand and i take yours. Ours fingers crossing. In these moment, we feel all ours feelings throught ours bodies. We remain breathless, speechless. The only thing is look at us, for a while, and right after, in a slow approach, kiss us. And in that kiss all ours feelings, like in a magic explosion, around us.