That i know you look this way, it will be hard to imagine you in other way. And i close my eyes and i take a deep breathe, whispering  your name and i waiting for that it slowly coming to you, and our magic fulfilled, and the gates of our parallel world opens. Already i… Continue reading Now

That feeling

Your hands on the only thing that i didnt want show you

You & me

'Let me see your eyes'

Look up

Just a little whisper from eachother.


Just which you and me feel right now.  Our desire to kiss ourselseves with all our passion. Just this. I feel my dancing butterflies dances their own dance in my stomach. And i know is the same which you feel, also you're so far from me. Our desire is palpalble in the air. Which new… Continue reading ….

In this way…

When i having some problems with instagram, you appear... in this way... and i dont want say anything just you make me smile. You make feel happy. Just a whisper i can say you 'I need you badly' . And you know it much better than anyone else in this moment how much i need… Continue reading In this way…