tanglesbackcontrario_forteHere you are. You overwhelm me always. When i think, that all this it’s just fruit of my imagination, you arrive to me and you say me this. It has happened again. When i woke myself, i thought to which you’ve said me. It seemed so real. It’s the second time, and now i cant really verified it. But what you have said me, resounded all day in my head. I’ve seen the whole scene, i’ve heard your words. I wanted embraced you. And now, you dont tell me, that you dont feel me, ’cause im feeling you so close to me, that i can  stretch my hand and hold yours. I feel you in such way that i could scream your name, but i know, you are feeling me also from wherever you are. I sighing and i’m thinking of you.
Aint a case that im confessing you all what i feel, and you do the same, also in a strange form, but it’s what are you doing. Our parallel world is here. We have created it together. And in of it, we confess us everything, what we have made, what we have thought, what we have said. And now we are in front, one to another, overwhelm, for what is happening between us.


Here we are


Close us, one to another. Your eyes into mine, and these moments of silence of which we needs to feel us closer. That glance in which i need to dive myself into your all sweetness, while you try to say something but something stops you. What you try say to say me is already in your eyes. One close to another, your hand, slowly approach mine. A light touch of our skin it make us almost thrills us. Our parallel world is here, and we can feel it. It’s around us and sweetly we let it in us. As a slow bomb explodes it makes launches our lights that begins to floats around. You dont take off your eyes from me. My head and my stomach plays with my feelings. I think to drive crazy, if i dont close my eyes for a little bit. I, still, feel your eyes placed on me. Millions of thoughts running in my head, in that istants. Your hand holds mine so sweetly. Your hold says me much. This night will be so. Our look into eachother, holds tightly sweet. Maybe  few whispers, or no one, at all. Your arms sweetly will embrace me and kindly i will place my head on your chest and you will indicates the floating lights, around us, in an only little whisper ‘Look…’ while i’ll feel you heart beat fast, and i will place my hand on of it. Then i will want look at you, once again, and our eyes will meet, and in that moment something inside of us it will makes us stops but that it will makes us explode inside all our deepest feelings and emotions. We will stare at us, one in another. Your hands will place on my face, slowly you will approach to me. My heart will beat as a crazy, while i will dive myself into your wonderful glance, while your lips will touch mine in a sweetest kiss. And to the end we will look at us, one of another, for a second then we will embrace us, sweetly tight.



Your glance

cherry6ae7_scuri-2Goes beyond your feelings. Tell me what you thinking. I see in that your look, that you would to stay in other place. Tell me, with whom would you like to be? I slowly  whispering your name. I closing my eyes, i take a breath, and slowly, very slowly, i feeling, something of mine, get connect with you. I feel your mind would to run away. I’m here. Slowly, almost to dont disturb you, i whispering again your name. In a second, i realized, you’ve feel it. Despite our distance, we are connect. Slowly, we take our hands, and we entering, in our parallel world without take off ours glances. Now we are in front one of another. I take your face in my hands. Whispering you ‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ You taking my hands to your heart, and eyes in eyes, you tell me ‘I’ve realized how much i missing you’. You’ve say that me with your nostalgic eyes. I’m touching your sweet face. ‘It’s hard also to me’. To be near, but also be so far one of another, in this way. To stay close with only the strenght of our connection, sometimes isnt enough. How many times, i’ve said it. Sometimes i feel need to stay in front of you, for real. To feel your hands on me, and my hands on your chest. Sliding them in your shirt and let it falls down on your arms, and caress your bare chest, while you shy smile me. Looking at up to the sky and see our lights, dancing and melting together. While we need to feel what we feel for eachother. Whispering us what we feeling, we remain speechless and breathless for what we’ve just say to us, only looking at us one in another.
Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you. Our parallel world is here.


Emotions beyond feelings


That was you wanted to say me. I knew it since i seen your instastory, and that why last night i felt myself a little distant from you. I biting my lips. Some tears has fallen from my face. And what im feeling right now, is once again your closeness by my side. Emotions goes beyond feelings. Our parallel world is here. How i feeling you right now. My mind, my soul get connecting with you so easily, and i just cant believe it. it has happend once again. If i thinking about it i say myself ‘that’s impossible’. That’s incredible. You wanted to say me something, and that was been. I still wondering what happening among us. Our minds link in a faboluos way. And i just stil cant believe it, it happening this just you and me.
Surely, some tears  has fallen. Isnt the first time that happens, but i thought it were just coincidences, but they weren’t never been. By now, i know, for sure, we are link us, by that thin rope. And since last december it grows up fast. And now what im feeling almost, overwhelms me. If i think about three, four days ago, what i felt. What you tried to say me, and now i see you in this pic, you smiling at me, i just can only shaking my head, and every thoughts. feelings, emotions i have had in these days, cames true, i just can looking at my little amethyst ball on my desktop and say myself ‘it does realizing everything i feel’. But it’seems still a dream what im living with you.